Job Requirements/Descriptions

Hi TST Swim Families-

What a crazy week it has been weather wise!  Let’s hope this pattern does not continue when the swim meets start. 

Denise Shaw and I just wanted to introduce ourselves as Volunteer Coordinator/Meet Directors and give you a little information on the swim job requirements of TST.  More information will be coming soon for the diving families in a separate email. 

TST tries to make fulfilling the job requirement easy for everyone.  We have jobs you can work during practice time, at our parties and/or at the meets. 

  • TST requires that every family works 3 regular season jobs and 1 champs job.
  • You can sign up for all of these jobs on the home page of our website the morning of June 6th .  Once you log in, look for the tab “swim meets” under the pictures on the home screen.  You will pick one of the swim meets listed and click “job signup”.  This is where you will be given job options and sign up for your jobs. 

3 regular season jobs include any variation of the following:

  • Miscellaneous jobs (1st option on the swim meet tab).  This includes jobs for the kick-off party, end of year party, awards banquet, pretzel/donut sales and fitter/faster clinic, etc.
  • Meet Jobs (listed by team we are versing).  We have time trials and 7 meets to choose from. 

1 champs job includes one of the following (IF your swimmer is attending). What champs meet you attend is determined by the times your swimmer gets at the regular season meets.  More information on this as the season goes on.

  • C Champs- No Time Standard
  • B Champs- Time Standard
  • A Champs- Time Standard


I have attached job descriptions for all of the meet jobs, including ones that need experience and ones that don’t.  The experienced jobs are already posted for signup.  If you think you might be interested in one of those jobs, let us know and we can sign you up to shadow. The more experienced people we have moving forward, the better!!!

So, remember 3 jobs total (between time trials, miscellaneous jobs and our 7 regular season meets) and 1 champs job (C,B or A- only if your swimmer is attending). Failure to complete your job requirement will result in a charge to your credit card on file in the amount of $150. 

That’s it in a nutshell.  It may seem pretty overwhelming but you will get plenty of emails from us when the time comes for the meets.  The information above will also be discussed at the parent meeting and posted on the “News” section of the website so you can refer to back to it if needed.  If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.

Thank you,

Tracy Stressman- [email protected]

Denise Shaw- [email protected]


Job Descriptions

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