Weekly Team Newsletter (6/3/2019

Hello families,

Summer is upon us! We are very excited to get the season underway! 

We will be having a mock (aka "practice" meet) this Wednesday afternoon 6/5/2019 at our regular practice time, 6:00 PM at the Fork Union pool. It is important that everyone attends this event as we will be going over important meet information, swim meet etiquette, as well as a few forms will be handed out to the parents.

If you have not already registered, be sure to have that done before the mock meet as we need to turn in our JSL athlete roster BEFORE the first meet of the season. If you are not registered, you kid(s) will not be able to swim at meets.

Save the date! We are having a team tie-dying party this Saturday, time and location TBA soon!


We have a team gear store up for your convenience!

You are NOT required to purchase a team suit (or equipment). If you purchase the team bag, with logo, it requires a couple weeks lead time, so get those orders in ASAP. All other orders need to be in by June 1. The team order will ship as an unit. If you have any equipment you want customized with swimmer name, we have a swim parent who will be doing so in exchange for a small donation to the team.


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Up coming events:

Mock Meet (6/5)

Team T-shirt tie-dye party!


Thank you, see you at the pool!!

FAST / BASS coaching staff.