Last Day for Swim Spirit Wear Orders & Other Important Stuff!

Swim Spirit Wear Orders are due TODAY, Friday, June 7th.  You can drop them off in Jenn Groves mailbox (410 Dorchester Ct.) today!  Run, don't walk, to place your orders!  If you need an order form, they are on the team site ( or on the Flying Fish facebook page.

Swim Suits are coming Monday!  I will be at the clubhouse starting at 3 p.m. to sell suits.  Checks made out to Aquawear or cash please.  Female suits are $48; Male suits are $38.  If you can't make it Monday, please let me know so we can make separate arrangements.  Our new suits are the TYR Brandello Red (wide-strapped version for girls.)

Next Week's schedule:

  Monday:  Regular Practice day--4:30 6 & unders; 5:00-5:45 for the 7-10 year olds; and 5:45-6:15 for the 11 & older

  Tuesday:  TIME TRIALS!!  If you CANNOT make time trials, please sign out your swimmer(s) by 9 a.m. on Monday.  You sign out using the team  Go to EVENTS.  It's okay if your child is new to swimming, this is to set their base time--and they will be excited as the season progresses and they beat their base time!  Progress, not perfection!

If you swimmer is participating in Time Trials, please sign up to volunteer--especially if you are new to our team--this is a practice meet for our volunteers as well!!  Thank you for your help in ensuring we aren't scrambling on Tuesday!!

Rescheduling of Team Photos, Fun Meet & Pot Luck.  I am still waiting to hear from the HOA to confirm a date.  Our first choice is Tuesday, June 18; second choice is June 17.  Will post as soon as I have a confirmation!

It looks and sounds like the swimmers are having a great time!  I look forward to seeing everyone next week!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 407-963-1094.