Notice of EGM
Dear Members,                                                                                                                                            
Notice is hereby given of Barracuda Swimming Club EGM
The E.G.M will take place on Thursday the 14th of June 2019 at 17.30 in Castlepark Swim Academy
All Parents / Guardians of Members are invited to attend.  (Voting Members must be either Swim Ireland club members in their own right or Parents of Members under 18 Years of age)
The following documents are attached to this notification:
1. Motion Proposal Form
2. Notice of Motion from the Club Committee
4. Current Barracuda Swimming Club Constitution with highlighted proposed amendments, as per the updated Swim Ireland Constitution April 2019
It is proposed that Barracuda Swimming Club will update the Club Constitution, following updates to the Swim Ireland Constitution at their 2018. A.G.M.  Proposed updates are highlighted in the current Constitution document attached.
All Motion forms must be returned to [email protected] on or by 18.30 pm on the 13th of June 2019.  Return of all forms can be made either via the Club Post Box at Castle Park Swim Academy or documents can be filled out, signed and scanned to [email protected]
kind regards,
Sonya Hogan
Club Secretary (Incoming)