Summer is here!

Hello all Panthers,

I hope all the final exams and celebrations of learning have been going well on the last days of school.

This is short note to wish you all the best of luck on your summer adventures and to give you a first peek at the schedule for next year (please find it attached to this email and on the website)

See you all before you know it!



Important Notes:


Great read to send you into the summer and away from your teammates:



Reminder: Winter Camp next year is on Jan 10-12


Back to school swim times will be organized for the week before school starts for those back early. I will send out an update near the end of July.

Schedule for next Season: (There may be changes and additions in the new year)


2018-19 Event Schedule

Fall Semester

August 9

Panther Swim Team Registration Opens

August 19-22

Panther Swim Team Evaluations (25m pool)

August 30

Panther Swim Team Registration Closes

September 11

Panther Kickoff Gala & Dinner

September 29

Patana Tiger Prawns (8 and under swimmers)

October 1

Panther Palooza – Sr. Intrasquad Meet

October 2

Panther Palooza – Jr. Intrasquad Meet

October 5

Harrow 2 Fast 2 Furious

October 15


November 8

ISB Swimfest Pep Rally

November 9/10

ISB Panthers Swimfest


IASAS Exchange in Singapore

December 2             

Long Distance Time Trials

December 4

Jr. Snowflake Tri-Meet (10 and under only)

December 7

Bangkok Prep Puppy Cup (Beginner Meet)

December 17

Panther Swim Team Registration Opens







Spring Semester

January 10-12

4th Annual Thanyapura Swim Cap (Phuket)

January 13-15

Panther Swim Team Evaluations (25m pool)

January 17

Panther Swim Team Registration closes


ISB Hosts IASAS Swim Championships

Feb 15                      

ANS Titans Sprint Challenge

Feb 19

Panther Palooza – Senior (11 and over)

Feb 20

Panther Palooza – Junior (10 and under)

March 6

ISB Splash Pep Rally

March 7/8

ISB Panther Splash International Meet

March TBA


March TBA


March 30

GVB Battle: (girls vs boys meet)

April TBA

Travel Meet (Singapore, Hong Kong or Korea)


Phuket BISS Flying Fish Meet

May  20

Panther Swim Team Year-End Party



That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,