Weekly FAST / BASS Newsletter (6/10/2019)

Hello families,

This Wednesday is our first real swim meet of the season! The theme for this meet is Hawaiian so bring your favorite shirt! It is a Tri-meet with ELKS and LG at the Louisa pool on Wednesday (6/12). The pool is located at 530 Industrial Drive, Louisa, 23093. Industrial Drive is about halfway between the towns of Louisa & Mineral. It is fairly easy to locate as it has a large sign with an airplane – advertising the Louisa Airport. Once you have passed the airport, you will take the next right. The Betty Queen Center is located directly in front of you at that point, please go to the left of the building and up the hill to the pool. Parking is available in the pool lot as well as on both sides of the Betty Queen Center. Our warm ups are at 5:30. Please arrive at 4:45 so we can stretch and get ready for warm ups. Please do not arrive before 4:45 as they will be closing the pool to the public for the meet at 4:30 and they have asked us to remain off deck untill they clear it to help eliminate confusion. We do not have team caps in yet so we will have to make due. Ask to borrow a cap from a teammate or turn an existing one inside out. When writing events down please only write on the swimmers hands as sharpie on legs or backs rubs off on the pool chairs and makes it hard for the lifeguards to clean out. I know this is a lot of information so thank you for your cooperation!

We are putting in a second order of team shirts! I already have some shirt orders so if you haven't already please be sure to give your shirt size to Coach Nate.

Join us for our annual tub trip down the James River this Saturday (6/15) at 1:30 PM at James River Reeling&Rafting,  265 Ferry St, Scottsville, VA 24590. There will be an event posted up later today so you can sign up. If you are planning on going please sign up so we know how many people are going as we have to tell them how many are going to be in the FAST party before we arrive!

For the week of the 17th (Next week) there is the Mark Bernardino swim camp going on at FUMA so the morning practice times will be moving from 7:00-9:00AM to 12:00-2:00 PM. Our afternoon practice times will remain the same from 6:00-8:00 PM. This change in our schedule will only be in effect for one week.

I know this email was a bit longer than so thank you for your patience! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will help in any way that I can!

We have a team gear store up for your convenience!

You are NOT required to purchase a team suit (or equipment). If you purchase the team bag, with logo, it requires a couple weeks lead time, so get those orders in ASAP. All other orders need to be in by June 1. The team order will ship as an unit. If you have any equipment you want customized with swimmer name, we have a swim parent who will be doing so in exchange for a small donation to the team.


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Up coming events:

Tubing down the James River (6/16)

Swim meet with ELKS and LG @ Louisa Pool (6/15)


Thank you, see you at the pool!!

FAST / BASS coaching staff.