Senior Group Weekly Update 6/17/19

Senior Group Weekly Update for the Week of 6/17/19 & 6/24/19


Practice Changes


6/21 - Friday

No Practice


6/22 - Saturday 

No Practice


6/24 - Monday

No Morning Practice.

Afternoon Practice as Normal


6/28 - Friday

Practice at duPont.  6:45-9:00am

Afternoon Practice as Normal


Bolles Meet Information


The full meet information email will come out as soon as we receive all the info from the meet host.
For the meet, tech suits or no tech suit in the preliminary session.  Tech suits for the finals session.  It is our objective to get into finals and earn that second swim at night.

13-14 year olds have an A and B finals (Top 16)

15&Over has an A, B, and C finals with C finals reserved for 15-16 athletes only.


Timers - we will have to provide some volunteer timer support for this meet.  This is part of the meet letter and is our responsibility to fill it.  Parents, please sign up on our website on the job sign up.  CLICK HERE.


Summer Junior Nationals


California has some extra waivers in order to participate in competitions in the state.

This one is for concussions.  Please print proofs, give me a copy, and keep a copy to travel with you to California.


Concussion Information 

Concussion Acknowledgment 


Thanks for your attention to this.


Equipment Request


We are in need of a few things for our dryland program that you may have in your garage being unused.  If you do, please send Coach Hulvey ( [email protected]) an email and we can arrange a pick up / drop off time if you are able to donate it!


Dumbbells - various weights between 1lb and 60lb 

Weight Bench - one to two flat weight benches

Any 2” olympic plate weight or rubber bumper plates


If you have any items that are unused and you’re willing to part with we would love to take them off your hands :).


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)


On June 23, 2019 the MAAPP Policies will come into effect.  These are guidelines haded down from US Center for Safe Sport.  We will have a detailed policy posted on our website and in our policy and bylaws this week and emailed out to membership.

The big ones are this:

18 year old athletes (and older) are considered adults by USA Swimming and they must complete the proper Athlete Protection Training (APT) in order to continue being a USA Swimming Member (you must complete this by June 23, 2019 if you are already over 18 or before your 18th birthday).  You will not be allowed to practice or compete in meets without this training.  You can find a link to the training HERE.

Athletes 18&Older must follow the Electronic Communication rules listed below for athletes under the age of 14.


All Electronic Communication between coaches and athletes under 18 MUST have a carbon copy or include in a group chat with that athletes guardian.  Athletes sending a text to a coach MUST include their parent or they will not receive a response.  Emails MUST include a parent.  For non-personal questions that you don’t mind your friends reading, you can text the Loggerhead Senior Group Chat on GroupMe to get a response as it is open communication.
Athletes and coaches may not friend or follow personal social media pages.  They may follow a team account or a celebrity (professional) account only.  There can be no direct or private messaging.  Commenting is allowed as long as the team account is not private.

Communication should only be during 8am-8pm baring emergency situations and travel trips / away meets.


Eventually, we will have to have a yearly signed contract between parent/athlete/team on MAAPP policies, but that isn’t here yet.  This program is being rolled out relatively quickly and there are some rough edges on some language that have to be ironed out.
This week we have learned that college and high school coaches will be exempted from MAAPP communication policies in regards to non USA Swimming events.  This is big as it will allow college coaches to continue recruiting swimmers with the same rules, and not have to CC parents at every step of the process.


Coaches and officials have been following guidelines extremely similar to MAAPP policies for many years.  However, some policies have become a little stricter on communication, hours of communication, and the necessity of more consent forms for travel with a coach from out of town meets / national meets.  Full language can be found in the MAAPP full policy email.


Parents will have to understand and follow the MAAPP guidelines at swim meets, even though they are not USA Swimming members.  This goes into locker room policies at practices and swim meets (never alone with an athlete in a locker room, no cell phones in locker rooms, etc) as well as other venues such as volunteering and transportation.  Full language can be found in the MAAPP full policy email.

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