Coaches Update & Divisionals

Good Evening Team,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Mine starts at 3:30 tomorrow.  Just a few updates from the coaches.

1) Please have your swimmers at practice and ready to go on time.  The older swimmers are still slowly coming into practice with no sense of urgency. They are a team and need to start on time and together.  Starting tomorrow any swimmer who is not on deck ready to go on time will be running and doing crunches.   We will also inform the parents. 

2)   Meet line up - The line up will be mostly finished later tonight.  You can check the website tomorrow to see what events your child(ren) are swimming.  Please look it up and help your children know what they are swimming.  We will also have a paper at the meet with their events.

3)  Meet - Please have your swimmers sit with the team.  They should not be sitting with parents far away from the team. 

4) Meet Prep- Swimmers need to eat something before they come to the meet and should have some snacks throughout the meet.  They also need to bring warm clothes as it gets cold as the sun sets.

5) Meet sign ups - If your child's status changes for any meet, please let Coach Steve know asap.  


Divisionals-  Job Sign up will be up tomorrow on the website.

We are looking for chairs for the following areas: Please email Coach Steve or Coach Lauren ([email protected]) if you are interested 

  • staging
  • admissions
  • candy grams
  • food stand