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Meet #2 details @ Sudley

This week's sponsor is Lakeside Homes, a premium local builder of single-family homes on waterfront and wooded lots in Brookside and on Lake Brittle. Check out Lakeside Homes’ model located at 6701 Lake Drive, Warrenton.  Like Lakeside on Facebook

We still are searching for some volunteer positions.  If you have a swimmer in the meet we need your help.  We will send a message out Friday with the meet program.

Please arrive at the pool at 6:00 - 6:15 to check in, the Brookside warmups begin at 6:30. 

A few tips from the Sudley website about getting to the meet/parking/setting up/etc.

Sudley Club Inc

8613 Rixlew Ln, Manassas, VA 20109

  • Event Parking is available across from The Sudley Club in the Manassas Mall Parking Lot.  Please park in the lot area closest to The Sudley Club on Rixlew Ave.  Remember to cross Rixlew Ave. using the designated crosswalk area.  There will be police on site to help with pedestrian crossing and traffic.  
  • Visiting Team Area is located inside The Sudley Club in the asphalt parking area on the right side of the parking lot and Concessions area.  Tents are welcome and encouraged.  The pond, fields and playground areas are off limits during swim meets as the club is closed during swim meets.  Tent set up is ony permitted on the morning of the meet so arrive early.  
  • Swimmers Call Area is located at the entrance to the pool in the Game Room. Have your swimmers gathered and ready to be lined up according to event number. Please see the Clerk of Course with any questions.  
  • Public Bathrooms are located in the call area near the pool entrance in the Game Room area.
  • There are Spectator Areas on the pool deck, please be mindful of the roped off areas for swimmers.  Follow the spectator signs posted around the pool deck.  No spectator chairs or tents are allowed on deck.  There are designated swimmer and coach areas to avoid crowding and allow our guests to view their swimmers.
  • Coaches Area:  A tent area is allowed on deck for the visiting team on the right side of the pool across from the Sudley Coaches area.  
  • Concessions are available throughout the meet.  Breakfast is served until around 9:00 am and Lunch is served until the end of the meet as long as supplies last.  Our concessions are AMAZING!



Sudley Warm-Up 6:10 - 6:30 am

Brookside Hurricanes Team Warm-Up 6:30 - 6:50 am

Officials’ Meeting (on deck - deep end of competition pool) 6:30 am

Timers’ and Recorders’ Meeting (on deck - deep end of competition pool) 6:45 am

Assemble relays in team areas 6:50 am

National Anthem 6:58 am

Meet Begins 7:00 am


GO HURRICANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!