Piranhas CSL ODSL - Backpack Relays

Piranhas families,

Please join us for a special CSL ODSL Combined event, “Broadlands Piranhas - Backpack for Kids” scheduled for next Friday, June 28th. This event is to celebrate theBroadlands swim team’s 20th anniversary and come together for a charity event. We have planned for the head of Backpack Buddies to come and speak to the swimmers about the donations we are asking families to bring to practice that day. We would like to celebrate by having a mini relay carnival and donuts with all CSL and ODSL swimmers.

It would be great to show the community how we celebrate 20 years of Piranha swimming. Please see the attached flyer

(This event will replace our normal Friday June 28th practice)

Registration Deadline -- June, 25 2019

If you are interested, please Accept the invitation so the coaches can form relays. To Accept:

1)    Login into your team unify account

2)    Click the Team Functions Tab

3)    Locate “ Broadlands Relays

4)    Click “Edit Commitment”

5)    Click your swimmer's name

6)    Click “Yes, please sign [NAME] up for this Event”

7)    Scroll down the page, click the check box for 25 free.

8)    Click “Save Changes”

9)    Repeat for each family member participating in the event

Charity Drive Items. Please bring to the event:

8 & unders: granola bars, apple sauce cups

9/10: Oatmeal pouches, juice/milk boxes (non-perishable)

11/12: Soup (canned), chef Boyardee

13/14: Canned tuna, ramen noodles

15-18: Giant or Harris Teeter gift cards


8:30am  – Check in at Southern Walk
8:45am  – Broadlands Piranhas 20 yr of highlights presented by the Coaches or Board
9:00am  - Backpack for Kids Director speaks to the kids/families about the program and significance for our local community.
9:15am  - Break into relay groups (45min of relays)
9:20am - 10:05am  - Relays (combined with members of both teams

10:10am - 10:30am  - Donuts to celebrate

Thank you!



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