MAAPP Update June 21, 2019


From Abigail Howard, USA Swimming Associate Counsel & Director of Safe Sport
June 23 is just two days away! We very much appreciate all your efforts in implementing both MAAPP and the adult athlete APT requirement. USA Swimming is committed to being a leader in athlete abuse prevention among youth-serving organizations. You are our partners in this effort and we cannot do it with you.
As a reminder:
What is Required by June 23, 2019?
•        Adopt MAAPP in full as a club policy;
•        MAAPP guidelines must be followed starting June 23; and
•        Adult athlete APT requirement goes into effect.
•        NOTE: The General Acknowledgement section of MAAPP does not have to be completed by June 23, 2019. Member clubs must adopt MAAPP by June 23 and adhere to its guidelines going forward. At some point in 2019 (and then going forward on an annual basis), MAAPP must be reviewed and agreed to in writing by all athletes, parents, coaches and non-athlete members of the club.
* A club will be able to view whether or not an athlete member has completed the training by viewing the roster in the Club Portal. Clubs will also be able to run a Membership Status report and a custom member report as well.