Results v Riverwalk 6/29/2019

Good afternoon Flying Fish

Here are the results for this morning's meet v. Riverwalk. The DQ log is posted on the website under the "Entries and Results" tab, so if you see that your swimmer was disqualified then you can check the DQ log to see why. This is what our coaches look at to see where a swimmer needs help and what to work on for next time. 

Results v. Riverwalk 6/29/2019
The final score was River Walk Gators 420 points - Cheshire Forest Flying Fish 307 points. Well done Gators!

A few more things...

The question of why we disqualify our tiny fish fry during races has been raised. There are a few reasons for this.

  • ​Swimming is a sport where everyone from Michael Phelps right down to a 5 year old swimmer new in the pool gets to compete by the exact same set of rules. Every kid in every pool.
  • USA swimming rules (which the Virginia Beach Swim League adheres to) require officials on-deck. If we're not there, the swim doesn't count. It won't be an official time that can be entered into the database without a swim official there. Officials ensure a level playing field for all swimmers. 
  • There is not a single official who enjoys disqualifying a swimmer - of any age. But it's not fair to the kid who swam the stroke correctly to have to compete against someone who didn't. It is easier, and sometimes quicker, to swim a stroke incorrectly (did anyone see Cason Wilburn swim a 25 free completely underwater in the half-time parents race? - totally illegal but super fast!) 
  • It is better for a swimmer to be DQ'd in the regular meets. If we didn't do it then the swimmer would get to Divisionals or all Stars and would wonder why they were disqualified there. 

If you have any questions about any of the rules and scoring, shoot me a text or call me. 
See you poolside soon.