Robin Meadows Summary & the Week Ahead


Swimmers & Families,

We had a close meet this weekend, winning by 9 points – great  job, Swimmers!   We were behind in the individual events, and our relays were what made the difference in the score. 

Speaking of the score…it came to my attention that on several occasions parents wanted to contest the results.  It does not reflect well on our team if we are constantly questioning close race results, or challenging the officials over DQs.  In the future, if you think something is wrong, speak to me first.  I watch and time almost every race, and often have a feel for who might’ve won a close race.  I keep track of things I see that would disqualify swimmers.  Ask ME before you approach anyone else.  In my many years of coaching, I have challenged very few calls, and when I have, it has been warranted.

This is SUMMER SWIMMING.  We are here first and foremost to enjoy the sport of swimming, the company of other swimmers & families, and to have friendly competition. If your child (or you) is having difficulty accepting a loss or a DQ, then it is  an opportunity to grow.     If your child is upset over a loss, help them to cope with it.  Send them to me and I can give them something they can work on to improve next time.  Teach them to shake the winner’s hand and say, “Good race!’.   Have them focus on cheering for someone else to get over the funk of losing a race.  As you know, kids are very resilient.  They get over things way faster than we as parents do.  Don’t make a loss or a DQ a big deal.  AT ALL.  Swimming is a sport – it’s supposed to be FUN.  Have FUN. Let the kids have FUN.   Our whole team benefits from this attitude.

Coach Robby:  Great meet again!   We didn’t let the heat keep us from doing our best!  We keep improving and we’re always getting better.  The hard work is really paying off and I’m looking forward to the next meet!

Coach Kayla:  Fantastic job yesterday!  I’m so proud of everyone for swimming  their best and beating the heat.  Let’s keep working hard every day at practice!  Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Coach Lizzie:  So so proud of all the swimmers at the meet!  You continue to amaze me and make me smile with all of your improvements.  Have fun next weekend and enjoy some fireworks (but don’t go crazy with them – we don’t want any injuries!)  wink

Coach Josh: Great meet everyone!  It was crazy hot and it drained a lot of energy, but no one let that drop their performance in the pool!  I’m proud of everyone’s swims and I can’t wait to see everyone progress more throughout the season!  Keep up your hard work and I’ll see you at practice!

Coach Sadie:  Everyone did a super job this Saturday. We’re proud of everyone and excited to see them on Monday.  Have a fantastic Fourth of July!

This week’s new All-Star qualifiers:

Maddy Harshman – 100 IM, 50 Back, 100 Free, 50 Fly

Holly Orcutt – 50 Free

Abby Pryor – 50 Free

Congratulations, swimmers!

Swimmer of the Week:  Every day, the coaches make note of swimmers who work extra hard, are helpful, listen to correction, and encourage their teammates.  At the end of each week, we tally how many times each swimmer was mentioned, and award the swimmers with the most tallies with Swimmer of the Week.  These swimmers get a tshirt, a picture in the team bulletin board (the glass case by the boys bathroom), and they get first dibs on the donuts.  Our first winners of the season are:   Regan Starck, Morgan Gemmell, Gabriells Lyons, Eliott Wolf, Brianna Remsburg, Alex Esposito, Abby Brower, Sol Baran,  Isabelle Stepler and  Blake Smulllen.  Good job, Swimmers!




Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly