Important Practice Changes


Swimmers  & Families,

Beginning tomorrow morning, swimmers will not be allowed in the pool area until 8am.  Coaches will be inside setting up the lane ropes and flags, but no one under 18 years old  is permitted inside before 8:00.  This is not a swim team rule, this is mandated by the Braddock Heights pool committee.  Please  abide by this new rule, and let your kids know.

This Saturday is our last dual meet of the season.   This week I’d like to put swimmers  on relays who may not have had a chance to swim one before.  If your swimmer can’t stay to the end or doesn’t want to swim in a relay, please make note of that when you sign them up for the meet.    Also, if they really really want to swim one, please tell me that, too.

There will be no night practice this Wednesday.  Instead, we are having High School water polo.  This is for swimmers who will be high school freshmen or older.  We hope to see you all there!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly