Historical Top 20 Swims

The Tri County Swim League has been holding Championships since 1979! This year will be our 40th championship swim meet! We have held Championships at Beckett Ridge, Countryside YMCA and Miami University. The League has seen teams come and go for multiple reasons. One thing has held steady, we have had some of the fastest swimmers in Southwest Ohio participate in the Tri County Swim League.

How fast are the swimmers today compared to the swimmers from 1979?

You are in luck! We have dusted off the old results and compiled the ultimate top 20 swims of the last 39 years!

Top 20 Swims

Interesting facts:

  • A total of 1480 swims are listed
  • The top 3 years: 2013 (119), 2009 (95) and 2011 (94)
  • 32 swims are from the 1980's
  • 215 swims are from the 1990's
  • The top teams are: Beckett Ridge (342), Landen (233) and Four Bridges (165)
  • At least one swimmer is listed 25 times. A few others have their names listed at least 19 times.