Collection for Junior Coaches


Hi everyone,         


        It's time to think about collecting for the junior coaches--several of whom are UNPAID VOLUNTEERS helping our swimmers out every day!!


        Your donations supplement the very small amount that they get from the swim team accounts--several are basically making pennies an hour. If there is a particular junior coach you'd like to get something separate for, you are welcome to do that too. Another great way to supplement their income is to schedule your swimmers for private lessons with the junior coaches!    

          People have asked us for suggestions--last year we received donations of $20 to $100 per family. A guideline might be $20-$25 per swimmer that you have.  
          Please note that we have 15 junior coaches this year, 5 of whom are 8th graders working for free at daily practices and meets. 
         Coach Paige and the board will distribute the funds at the banquet based on attendance, hours worked, help at the meets, etc.
6 under and 7/8 group can turn in donations to Stephanie Sewasciuk ([email protected]
9/10 and 11/12 group can turn in to Rezina Alam ([email protected])
13 and overs can turn in donations to Amy Wang ([email protected])--in addition to cash or checks, I can take zelle, quickpay, paypal to my email address or cell phone 630-881-7067 (please give me a heads up) or venmo to @amysuewang. Please note your family name in anything you send me. 
         You can find one of us:
        1) At the Tall Grass meet
        2) At the DJ pool party 
        3) At City/Classic kickoff pasta party/parade 
These are just guidelines--any one of you can turn in your donation to any one of us!
You can also drop off donations
        1) with Coach Paige
        2) in the box marked "Jr Coach Donations" in the pool office (it will be there starting tomorrow),
  at my house (2216 Arrowhead Drive, off Palmer Circle)--if you do this, please text me at 630-881-7067 with a heads up and I will look out for it. 
        anytime before Saturday July 27th. 
         Please mark the envelope with your family name! If you write a check, please leave the "pay to the order" line blank. I will be submitting thank you cards with all the family names of people who donated.   
        Here are the names of the Junior coaches.  Zach, Nick, Jude, Taylor, and Cassidy are the unpaid 8th grade volunteers. We'd be happy to accept cards if your kids want to make some for the coaches!  
Allison Powell
Lizzie Bannon
Rebecca Farber
Jake Darlinger
Stephanie Schweihs
Lucas Conrads
Brian Knothe
Richie He
Caleb Yau
Jason Liu
Cassidy Baugh
Taylor Baugh
Jude Caruso
Nick Schweihs
Zach Villeneuve
  If you want to do something for the paid coaches (Coaches Paige and Jared), then  you can do something separate for them.  
Amy Wang