Lake Linganore summary and Week Ahead

Swimmers & Families,

Wow – what a great group of people you all are!  I’m so proud that not only did the swimmers have a great meet, you also gave over 300 items to help our community.    (Side note: I kept track of those who pushed me in – you will pay.)  smiley   It’s such fun to see exciting races like the last relays.  We did not win the meet, but we gave them a good run.  The other team’s coach gave me a high compliment.  He said the thing about our team is that it seems like our kids WANT to be there, that they seem to really enjoy it.  I love that.  Good work!

Coach Robby Awesome work yesterday!  You all are crushing it.  The work you’ve put in during practices is showing and you are doing an amazing job!  Keep working hard during this last week!  Congrats on an awesome regular season, Barracudas!

Coach Kayla: Fantastic job, everyone! First, I’m seeing so much improvement in every race and I’m so proud of all the swimmers who try their best every day.  Let’s continue to work hard at practice!  Last, a lot of swimmers showed great sportsmanship by cheering on their own teammates and others from Linganore.  Just remembering that swim team is about having fun!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Coach Lizzie: Woohoo, the last regular season went so well and it ended with a bang!  I’m so rpoud of the swimming and the giving nature of our team, and of how we came together to collect so many cans – even if the motivation was to push the coaches in ; ).  I am very excited to see what the kids do for this last week of practice, and I hope they continue to work very hard!  Go Barracudas!

Coach Josh:  Super amazing meet yesterday!  I’m so proud of everyone!  There was a lot of cheering and spirit that you guys put into this meet!!  We all did really well and I couldn’t have asked for better last regulation meet!!  Keep up the good work in the pool and I’ll see you back at the pool for practice!!

Coach Sadie: This meet was super fun. Everybody did a fantastic job!  Looking forward to Divisionals next week!

New All-Star Qualifiers this week were

     Josh Baird 100 Free

     Campbell Caldwell 100 Free

     Nikola Dragic 25 Fly

    Lauren Edsall 50 Breast

     Skyler Fisher 25 Breast

     Leah Harshman 25 & 50 Free

     Maddy Harshman 50 Free & 50 Breast

     Freddy Kolias 50 Back & 50 Breast

     Amaya Kuge 25 Back, 50 Free

     Reagan Losquadro 25 Breast

     Jake Wornom  50 Fly

Great job, swimmers!

Swimmers of the Week On Friday we awarded two swimmers from last week:  Searlait Hoyt and Leah Remsburg.  This week’s winners were: Abigail Ehn, Blake Gordon, Mairead Hoyt, Cory Matejovich, Aiden Shanton and Mackenzie Coyne.  Congratulations, swimmmers!  Keep up the good work!



     Monday:  Entry deadline for Divisionals is MONDAY.  Swimmers may enter 3 events.

     Thursday night is our team water night at Middletown park from 7-8:30pm.  This is for swimmers only. Come prepared to get wet and have fun!

     Sunday is our team awards lunch at the Middletown firehall from 12-2pm.  Please sign up if you plan on coming so we can be sure to have enough food.  Everyone receives an award.  Hope to see you there!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly