Another Fun Filled Apple Capital Weekend!
Apple Capital June 4-6, 2010

With 198 swimmers entered, Bellevue once again traveled to Wenatchee for another fun weekend of picnics, sunbathing, white water rafting, water gun fights and of course the swim meet. 

While this weekend is perhaps the most anticipated and well attended meet of the year for other reasons, the meet still offers Bellevue Club swimmers an early season experience in long course racing. And while the environment surrounding the meet (recreational or weather wise) may not always be the most conducive to fast swimming, the long course season is short, and so every opportunity to race in a long course pool becomes important. 

The team did a good job racing despite the bright sunshine in the eyes during backstroke, challenging weather conditions Sunday morning, and the fatigue from playing in the park between swims. The team finished second overall, despite not having any swims in the last session or any senior swimmers on Sunday. Nice work Bellevue Club swimmers on another fun and successful Apple Capital swim meet!

Among this year’s highlights:

  • Four BCST relays finished first overall:
The mixed 8 & under 200 medley relay (Tessa Fisk, David Sherrer, Michael Peck, Nathalie Valdman)
The mixed 11-12 400 medley relay (Marco Stanchi, Ben Whitty, Lianna Sutich, Marley Cross)
The mixed 15 & over medley relay (Paolo Stanchi, Jimmy Deiparine, Meghan O’Keefe, Lily Morris)
The mixed 11-12 freestyle relay (Daniel Sandler, David Conger, Lianna Sutich, Marley Cross)
  • Individual event winners include:
Sam Chong (100 breast)
Marley Cross (100 free, 50 free, 100 back, 50 back)
Jimmy Deiparine (200 breast)
Sheri Hart (50 fly)
Ed Kim (50, 100 free, 100 back, 200 IM)
Yasmin Luthra (100 free)
Meaghan O’Keefe (1500 free, 200 free)
Michael Peck (50 back)
Steve Sholdra (400 IM, 200 fly, 400 free)
Lianna Sutich (200 IM)
Carly Tudor (50 fly, 50 back)
Nathalie Valdman (100 free, 50 back)
Ben Whitty (50 breast, 200 breast, 100 breast)
Will Wick (100 fly)
Dane Willams (100 free, 200 free)
  • Those with 100% best times were: Christian Birch, Teddy Crane, Marley Cross, Maxwell Cross, Hannah Feller, Leah Fisk, Tessa Fisk, Alyssa Hall, Conrad Karwal, Peter Litzow, Henry Lucco, Yasmin Luthra, Evan Moline, Bekah Mooers, Toby Plaskon, Max Rosenblatt-Hood, Kayley Toefield, Joe Walsh, Sarah Walsh, Graham Wrightson

  • The “Old Farts” represented themselves well: let’s hear it for Kaz Badiozamani, Brett Bogachus, Marissa Chang, Jason Cross, John Cross, Sheri Hart, Elizabeth Lucco, Crystal Rawlings, and Ian Wrightson for their great swims over the weekend!