[email protected] Meet Information

Good morning families,


Todays meet is with Louisa at 530 Industrial Drive, Louisa, 23093. Industrial Drive is about halfway between the towns of Louisa & Mineral. It is fairly easy to locate as it has a large sign with an airplane – advertising the Louisa Airport. Once you have passed the airport, you will take the next right. The Betty Queen Center is located directly in front of you at that point, please go to the left of the building and up the hill to the pool. Parking is available in the pool lot as well as on both sides of the Betty Queen Center.

We hit the water for warm ups at 5:25 so please try to arrive at 5:00 so we can do a head count and get behind the blocks. They have a concessions booth and kona ice to stay cool!

Remember the theme for this meet is team spirit!


If you have any questions please email me and I will answer them for you!


Coach Nate.