Champs Times UPDATED


In an effort to speed up the Champs sign up process, you will find links below for all swimmer times AS OF the meet last night and links to the Champs Google Forms.   

Please use the Swimmer Times link to find your swimmer.   If you see an "A" next to a event(s), please use the A Champs form to pick these event(s).  If you have a "B" next to a event(s), please use the B Champs form to pick these event(s).   If you have no letter next to an event, please use C Champs form to enter the 4 events you want to swim at Champs.  You can swim up to 4 total events.   If you pick 4 events and still want to compete in a relay, please use the question answer to state which event you will drop in order to compete in a relay.   If you are diving at Dive Champs, these dives count towards your 4 events.  

Swimmer Times :    *NEW*

(sorry, my mistake on the link to times last night)

A Champs :


B Champs:


C Champs:

Please be sure to fill out the email form with an email address you will have access to all day Friday.   Coach Chris will be working all day on building the entries for champs.   If he has any questions, he will conact you via email.   

We need your URGENT attention to completing these forms.   Chris will need this all wrapped up by 5:00PM Friday July 19th.   

Coach Chris  - [email protected] 

Thank you,