Champs Packet/Map


Hi Everyone,

I'm attaching the Champs Packet for this year complete with location maps.  Please read through the packet thoroughly.  One important note that is not in the packet- there is a lot of construction going on in Willoughby by the pool.  Please make sure that you talk to your swimmer(s) about staying away from the construction areas.  Willoughby will try their best to ensure everyone's safety by taping and coning off areas that could be dangerous.  They are also requesting that our kids wear footwear at all times while at Champs, that includes going to Clerk of Course.  They will have baskets for kids to put their shoes/flip flops in when they arrive.  

Nick will be sending out another Champs email with specifics on warm-ups, etc. on Friday.  Please don't forget that the Pasta Dinner is tomorrow night.  This is a kids-only event.  Please be prompt with drop-off and pick-up times.  This is a jam-packed evening.  In order for things to run smoothly, we need everyone to be on schedule.  We will be raffling off permit parking passes for both days at the spaghetti dinner.  Tickets are $5 each to enter the raffle and can be purchased when you drop your swimmer off. 

One last note, we are still looking for volunteers to help split up the last shift for both days of champs.  While we are not hosting champs this year, there is still a lot for the board to do behind the scenes.  We will be busy organizing the team, officiating and timing all weekend.  We cannot take on any extra shifts.  That means it's up to our SeaMonkey Family to step up and help out.   Please contact Gretchen Bailey, Kristina Banks or Stephen Banks to volunteer.  We will be your volunteer coordinators throughout the weekend.  If you have any questions, please ask us.   



Gretchen Bailey


Champs Packet

Additional Pool Map Willoughby