Division Meet & Season Summary

Swimmers & Families,

Congratulations on a fantastic Division Championship Meet!    Despite the heat, many swimmers swam personal best times, and we got within a half point of winning!   I have heard different people saying “We could have won if I’d only  ____”  and I hope everyone will stop thinking that way.   Lake Linganore is a very strong team, and we almost beat them!  Think of THAT!   What I will remember about this meet is how everyone rallied in the intense heat (parents and swimmers),  the many exciting close races, and  the dance-off between coaches of opposing teams.   I was so filled with pride and love for my team – my swimmers, their families, and my coaching staff - this weekend!     The Barracudas hold a special place in my heart.  Good job, everyone!!

Coach Robby:   Awesome work at Divisionals!  The weather was a little rough, but we pushed through it and had amazing swims all around.  Though it might not hve been the outcome we wanted we had a lot of best times and that matters more to me than winning.  Congrats on an awesome regular season Barracudas and to those who made the All-Star cuts!  Looking forward to next year!

Coach Kayla:  And that’s a wrap to another wonderful season!  I can’t believe how fast it went but I’m so happy I got to coach such amazing kids!  The Divisionals Meet was super hot but the kids didn’t let that stop them from showing up and having fun.  Thank you to all the swimmers and families who helped out and made this year a blast!  I can’t wait to see everyone next year.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Coach Lizzie:  So sad to see the season being over for most people but it was such a fun summer coaching everyone!  This last meet was so much fun with the music and water stations.  I’m glad that everyone pulled through the heat.  Can’t wait for the All-Star Meet this Saturday, and I hope that everyone comes back next season!

Coach Josh:  Amazing job, everyone.  This season has been absolutely amazing and I could not be more proud of everyone!  I’m so glad that I got to be your coach this season, it‘s been an honor!  You all are what makes this job fun!  Everyone impressed me at some point in this season, whether it be helping out, asking for advice, getting best times at meets, etc.  I love seeing everyone’s improvement from day one to the finish line.  It makes this job a pleasure and I could not be more confident that we will crush the season next year!!  Go Barracudas!!

Coach Sadie:  Everyone did an absolutely amazing job at Divisionals.  The whole team worked really hard this year and it really paid off.  I’m especially proud of the 8-Unders, who all stayed relatively sane throughout the long waits and heat on Saturday, and still raced hard.  This was a great season and I hope to see everyone again next year!

New All-Star swimmers

   Adam Baird 50 Breast

   Claira Keebaugh 25 Free

   Abigail Pryor 25 Back

   Janesley Savitt  50 Free

   Jonah Starck 25 Breast

Great job, swimmers!

Swimmers of the Week  for our last week of the season were Mahalia Sipek-Stern, Claira Keebaigh, Ella Heritage, Davis Hodor, Josh Hauser and Nelly StaffordCongratulations!


MVPs  At our Awards Luncheon, swimmers were awarded MVP awards for earning the most points throughout the season.  Kudos to this year’s winners:

   6-Under – Austin Bell and Annie Manson

   8-Under – Zachary Zumbrunn and Skyler Fisher

   9-10 – Nikola Dragic and Amaya Kuge

   11-12 - Hugh Winchester-Dodman and Brianna Remsburg

   13-14 – Freddy Kolias and Ava Wilson

   15-18- Thomas Hartinger and Nelly Stafford

Coaches’ Choice Awards went to Connor Sobota, Brianna Remsburg, Freddy Kolias and Ava Wilson for outstanding contribution to the team.  Well-done, swimmers!!

 * If you missed the Awards Luncheon, trophies and awards can be picked up at the pool in the team box. 

I can’t close out the season without giving heartfelt thanks to President Yanira Gordon.  She has worked tirelessly behind the scenes all season, and I appreciate her contribution.  There is a LOT that goes into a successful swim season, and she handled it all with calm and class.  Thank you, Yanira!

See you all next year!  Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly