Weekly News (First Week Back)

Hello all Panthers,


Welcome back to campus, first day of school is always so exciting. So many people in the hallways and hopefully some filling the pools this week also. This week is for returning swimmers and those transferring in from other teams. New swimmers that need to be evaluated will not start until next Monday-Thursday (August 19-22) at 2:30 in the 25m pool. If you know of any new students that have swam on other teams, have them contact me to set up time this week.

We also have the first 4 events of the year on the webpage for sign up including the big welcome back event on September 11th…Panther Kickoff Gala and Dinner. Sign up today!


Important Notes:


Registration is open, don’t put it off and sign up today!

You can choose training days at a later date, we always need to know our swimmer numbers early so we can set up squads and hire new coaches if needed. So far over 100 swimmers are registered, so we have a good start going. This year we are looking to break the 300 mark for the first time ever.


Panther Kickoff Gala and Dinner: September 11th (after school):

This is our all ages, welcome back or welcome to the team swim meet and dinner. The athletes will swim some races afterschool and then have a fun dinner together. When the dinner is over, the children will have a fun game of dodge ball with the coaches and the parents will meet for a quick information session with Coach Day. This is very important for new families to our swim team. 15 mins with us will make your life much easier on the swim team this year.


Volunteer Policy for Swim Team:

As with all swim teams in the world, volunteering is the back bone of the team. Without volunteers we do not have swim meets…period. There is the option of buying out your time, but we honestly would rather have our swim team communities filling this positions. Swimmers love to see their family members behind the blocks and in the marshalling area…it brings us together as a “Swim Team Family”.


First Volunteer Opportunities are Open for Sign-up (Some of our veterans please take the first ones):

All events on the website have the volunteer positions open beside the swimmer sign up button it is labeled “Job Signup”. Just click on the button and click on the position you would like to fill. 


Reminder: Winter Camp is on January 10-12th (at end of holiday):

So why not plan your holiday with an last stop in Phuket. The amazing Thanyapura Resort is the perfect place to relax on the last weekend and have the swimmers get right back to training.


Events to Sign Up For:


September 11: Panther Kickoff Gala & Dinner (all ages)

September 29: Patana Tiger Prawns (8 and under swimmers)

October 1: Panther Palooza- 11 and over Intra-squad Meet (3:30pm)

October 2: Panther Palooza- 10 and under Intra-squad Meet (2:30pm)

October 5: Harrow 2Fast2Furious Sprint Meet (10 and under 25m)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,