Senior Group Weekly Update 8/12/19

Senior Group Weekly Update for the Week of 8/12/19

Senior Group,


Welcome to the 2019-2020 season!  We look forward to kicking off practice next week!  I’m very excited in the direction we are headed and look to expand upon the success we had this summer.  Loggerhead placed the highest it ever has in the Virtual Club Championships score and ranked 165th nationally and 7th in Florida.  We look to keep our eyes on improvement as a team.  If we get better as a team you will have more people to push you towards your individual goals!


For the upcoming fall (Aug 21 - late October) we will break groups up like this:
Former Senior 1 and Senior Nat - Senior
Former Senior 2 - Senior Prep

Please note on the separate gender days there WILL NOT be exceptions to come to different training times.  We are split up to get a bit smaller, get some specialization in, etc.


In mid-September group assignments will come out for our four Senior Groups:
Senior Prep
Senior State
Senior Sectional
Senior Zone

These groups will be based on championship meet qualifying times, attendance, work ethic, and accountability.  We are creating a path for success!

Coach John and Coach Evan will be the coaches for these programs with some rotational help now and again from Loggerhead staff.


I want you to familiarize yourself with the following:


  1. Senior Program Home Page - CLICK HERE
    • In this section you will have lots of important resources.  Please familiarize yourself with this section of our website.  Cut times, test set results, videos, etc will be placed in this section.
  1. Team Unify
    • Please add your email address to team unify as an additional source of information.  A step in becoming a young adult is knowing the schedule and information regarding your sport.  When team emails go out, you should be reading them.
  1. Group Me
    • There is a Senior Group chat in the Group Me App.  Please have a friend add you to this group chat.  I’ll send out important information that is needed in real time as well as you can ask for help from your coaches and/or teammates if you are unclear on something.  Coach John and Coach Evan are included in this group chat.
  1. Equipment
    • Please be sure to have all of your REQUIRED equipment by the first day of practice.  The full list can be found on the Senior Program Home Page as well as previous Newsletters and Emails.
  1. Attire at Practice
    • For Dryland - appropriate dryland clothing is a requirement.  It must be flexible and temperature appropriate.  Jeans, Parkas, Loafers, etc are NOT appropriate dryland clothing.  Wear athletic tennis shoes, shorts or sweatpants, tanks/shirts/sweatshirts, beanies in the winter.  No other team attire is allowed, however high school and college attire for drylands is acceptable.  Wearing inappropriate dryland attire will have you excluded from dryland.
    • For Swimming - appropriate swim suits at all times.  Two piece suits are allowed in the summer so long as they do not interfere with your training.  You must always have a back up one piece suit at practice.  Speedos should be appropriately fitting with full coverage.
    • All swimmers in the Senior Program are required to train in Loggerhead team caps, with the exception of Wacky Wednesday where they may wear a cap of their choice (no other team caps including high school).
  1. Swim Meets
    • Each group is assigned a swim meet quota for the season (short course season, long course season).  Be sure you are obtaining the proper number of swim meets for your group.  This is a minimum, you may (and should) go over that number.
    • The target meet through high school season is the October 6 Time Trial as well as the November 16-17 Time Trial.  For those NOT at the FSPA meet, I would like you to swim in the September 27-29th meet in sessions that don’t conflict with the Conference meet.
    • Be sure that you have booked your weekends for the Championship meets.  We will have locations for those meets the second weekend of October at the Florida Swimming Convention meeting. 
    • You may swim in more meets during high school season at your convenience.
  1. Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy
    • This summer USA Swimming came out with many new rules regarding 17&Under swimmers.  Be sure you follow these rules which are:
      • Communication with a coach electronically (email, text, etc) MUST have a parent included in the conversation.  Please be sure to ADD A PARENT to the conversation or you will not get a reply.  This does not apply to the Group Me group chat as there are multiple adults in that conversation.
      • All direct electronic communication between coaches and athletes must be between 8am and 8pm unless there are emergency circumstances (overslept alarm, practice canceled, etc) or at a swim meet.
      • A full list of MAAPP policies can be found on the Senior Program Home Page.
    • ALL 18 YEAR OLDS MUST COMPLETE ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING.  This must be done before your birthday or you become ineligible to compete.  In the eyes of USA Swimming, the day you turn 18 you are considered and Adult Athlete.  No exceptions.  Please stay on top of this or you will get to a meet one day and not be able to swim.


Thank you and we look forward to a fantastic season!  


Coach John

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