Weekly News (Sept 2-7)

Hello all Panthers,

Registration is closed, we have 320 swimmers signed up and almost all paid up so we are ready to get on with the year.

By the end of this week you should be hearing from your squad coach as they will be reaching out to say hello and make sure you are all coming to the Kick-off Gala.

This will be the final week for squad shuffling to make sure we have everyone in their right spots.


I am not going to add anything new to the news this week as I want to make sure everyone is all set for the Kick-off Gala on September 11th.



Important Notes:


New Panther Swim Team Merchandise this year! For Sale at Kick-off Gala on September 11th:


Thanks to our Panther Swim Shack Committee this year the team will have quite a bit more cool merchandise to help us show our team spirit and show our team support.

This includes:

- New hats and visors (adult and kids sizes)

- Foldable umbrellas

- Foldable shopping bags

- Beach Bags

-Fridge Magnets

-Key Chains

See photos attached to get you all excited


Caps and T-shirt are handed out at the Kick-off Gala (also swim gear for sale by Inus;

Every Panther Swimmer receives two shirts and a cap for their swim fees, this will be handed out on Sept 11th after school.

Also, Inus (our team swim suit sponsor) will be here selling googles and other swim equipment.


Panther Kickoff Gala and Dinner: September 11th after school:


2:30-4:45 Swim Meet

4:45-5:30 Dinner

5:15-5:45 Parent meeting and kids dodge ball in gym


Sign up on website now: Winter Camp is on January 10-12th (at end of holiday):

So why not plan your holiday with an last stop in Phuket. The amazing Thanyapura Resort is the perfect place to relax on the last weekend and have the swimmers get right back to training.




Events to Sign Up For:


September 11: Panther Kickoff Gala & Dinner (all ages)

September 29: Patana Tiger Prawns (8 and under swimmers) Events not yet sent out by Patana..sorry

October 1: Panther Palooza- 11 and over Intra-squad Meet (3:30pm)

October 2: Panther Palooza- 10 and under Intra-squad Meet (2:30pm)

October 5: Harrow 2Fast2Furious Sprint Meet (10 and under 25m)

Nov 9/10: Swimfest 2019 This is the largest meet in Thailand International Schools (over 1000 swimmers)

January 10-12: 4th Annual Thanyapura Swim Cap (Phuket)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,