Nine Athletes Acheive 2018-19 SAA Honors

This year, USA-Swimming had 1634 total athletes achieving SAA honors Having at least a 3.5 gpa and one 2018 Winter Junior's qualifying time. Arkansas had 9 athletes included for the 2018-19 year:

  • Alyssa Bloser, LRAD
  • Barrett Troup, LRAD
  • Isabella Cothern, DART
  • Hayley Pike, NWAA
  • Zane Sutton, NWAA
  • Aubree Brouwer, SPA
  • Kate McCarvelle, SPA
  • Olivia Mendenhall, SPA
  • Cassaundra Moses, SPA
  • Madeline Marks, NWAA *(Acheived while in Ohio)

For  more information on the USA-SWIMMING SAA Program, please goto:

Please note the page may have not been updated, it still includes last year's application dates, but for the 2019-20 school year the dates for filling out online applications will be around mid May 2020 thru Mid August...