1. The L.M.N. should remain safe, clean and organized at all times- please follow all rules and pick up your trash!
  2. No one is allowed into the L.M.N. unless it has opened by the officially designated L.M.N. LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Entering the L.M.N when it has not been officially opened for use is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.
  3. Everyone must obey the officially designated L.M.N. LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at all times.
  4. Officially designated L.M.N. COACHES and LIFEGUARDS are the only persons allowed in the Coaches Office.
  5. If a patron with a disability needs special accommodations, contact the officially designated L.M.N. LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.
  6. For health and safety reasons glass containers, pets, food, drinks, and gum chewing are not permitted.
  7. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around the L.M.N. or on the LMHS campus.
  8. Chairs are not permitted on deck.
  9. The L.M.N., Lower Moreland High School, and LMHS/LMOR/LMSD Staff are not responsible for personal property or valuables at any time. The L.M.N. Lost & Found is emptied weekly.
  10. The use of cameras, video cameras or any device containing camera equipment of any kind is prohibited behind the starting blocks, in all locker rooms, bathrooms and changing facilities.
  11. Patrons are not permitted to leave locks on lockers overnight (except for Lower Moreland High School swimmers, divers, and students). Locks will be cut off and locker contents will be placed into the L.M.N. Lost and Found.
  12. Use of locker room facilities is limited to patrons for the purpose of changing. Activities such as washing clothes, coloring hair, shaving, and other personal grooming activities are not permitted. Locks may not be left on lockers overnight. Cursing and horseplay is prohibited.  Patrons should be out of the locker rooms within 15 minutes following practices or meets. Failure to follow these rules will result in a suspension of locker room privileges.
  13. L.M.N. is closed to spectators for all practices. Loitering is not be permitted in or around the L.M.N.
  14. Running, boisterous or rough play, pushing, acrobatics, dunking, wrestling, splashing, yelling, diving or jumping haphazardly, snapping of towels, improper conduct causing undue disturbances, or any acts which would endanger any patron in or around the L.M.N. are prohibited.
  15. Spitting, spouting water, blowing nose, urinating, or defecating in a pool is prohibited.
  16. Patrons may only use the areas of the L.M.N. agreed upon in original contract or assigned areas. 
  17. No one should hang on or pull on the lane lines.
  18. No one is allowed to use the starting blocks or the diving boards without the permission of the officially designated L.M.N. LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.
  19. All Lower Moreland Township School District rules and regulations apply at the L.M.N.  All patrons supervising children under 18 must be a Lower Moreland Swim or Dive employee or have authorized clearance from LMTSD or the L.M.N. Pool Staff.
  20. All L.M.N. doors are to remain closed at all times. The storage closet, timing nest and storage and the kick board bin are off-limits.