URGENT: Changes to LA/MAC Meet

Loggerhead September Meet Participants,


Our LA/MAC ‘Winter is Coming’ Season Opener meet has had some pretty major changes.

The pool pumps at Cecil Field need to be serviced on Saturday afternoon.  Due to this, we cannot have our meet on Saturday but we CAN have our meet on Sunday according to the city.  (As far as we understand the high school meet at Cecil on Saturday morning is unaffected).  


So we have done our best to put events into Sunday that will serve all of our athletes.


We’ve added a ‘middle day’  session with all for 25yard events for 8&Under swimmers (20min warm up and right into the meet) and have left the old Session 2 and Session 3 order of events the same.  I’ve attached a new updated meet letter to this email so you can look this over.



  1. Please email me directly ( [email protected] ) if you CANNOT ATTEND ON SUNDAY and I will remove you from the meet.  If you can attend, don’t worry we will move and adjust your events and send out an updated individual entry list on Wednesday.  If you NEED TO BE REMOVED I will need an email by Tuesday 9/24 at 9pm.

  2. We will have to delete the Saturday job list and add a few jobs to Sunday for the middle 25 yard session.  If you were signed up to work Saturday and can work Sunday please just re-sign up via the website. Thank you!

  3. For those that were signed up for the Officials Clinic on Saturday, Coach Fox is working on the best time to move this to Sunday OR we will hold something at JCP.  More info will come to those that were signed up for this.


Thank you for your understanding with this.  While it is out of our control it does reflect upon us and we will try and make a great meet out of this, still!


Coach Hulvey

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