Weekly News (Sept 25 to 30)

Hello all Panthers,

“ISB spirit week” going on here on campus all week long. Coaches will be joining in the fun and we hope to see you all out to watch the games Friday night! Go Panthers!

Good luck this weekend to our 8 and under swimmers that travel to Patana for the Tiger Prawn meet. Always a great meet for our youngest panthers.

Important Notes:

Team Swim Caps are in for those that did not get one:

Come by the pool and get one from Coach Day if you did not get one. You will need one for the upcoming meets.

Speeding Tickets (correction):

Peak Chairatn was missed last week for his record breaking 50 breaststroke race, sorry Peak and congratulations.

Swimfest 2019 Voluteer Postions Open: Big Change This Year!

You will notice that this year all half day positions will be credited 8 hours worked, which just happens to be your family volunteer responsibility for the whole semester. Thanks to our large swimmers numbers this year, we can make it easy on all of you. Sign up for this meet and you are done for the first semester.

Thanks for your support!

New Team Swim Awards Announced: Panther P.B. Champs:

If you come look at the bulletin board at the 50m pool you will see our newest award winners. As part of movement to make sure all of our swimmers concentrate on improving and racing against their own times (NOT other swimmers), our team now acknowledges the top Personal Best Swimmers from each one of our swim meets on the calendar this year. We will award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finisher in each age category. Here are the Kickoff Gala “Panther P.B. Champs”:


1. Pensawan Chantaramporn -22.20 sec

2. Pakin Chunnasart -21.14 sec

3. Westen Enfinger -20.94 sec


1 Jirat Chamroontaneskul  -17.04sec

2 Settapun Jongsuebchoke  -14.89sec

3 Atikarn Phisuthikul -13.99sec

Middle School

1. Passawit Jongsuebchoke -51.88 sec

2. Pow Phanratanamala -23.14 sec

3. Bhurishta Kuansongtham -17.6 sec

High School:

1. Grant Hevland -8.76 sec

2. Panas Khongphatthanayothin -7.09 sec

3. Vienna Sparks -3.75 sec


October 3rd and 4th  parent teacher conference:

All practice times stay the same

October 5th No Saturday swim practice because of 2 team swim meets:


Events to Sign Up For:

October 1: Panther Palooza- 11 and over Intra-squad Meet (3:30pm)

October 2: Panther Palooza- 10 and under Intra-squad Meet (2:30pm)

Nov 2/3: Patana Tiger Shark Long Distance Meet

Nov 9/10: Swimfest 2019 This is the largest meet in Thailand International Schools (over 1000 swimmers)

January 10-12: 4th Annual Thanyapura Swim Cap (Phuket)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,