Sorry for the additional email. Its been a wild few days.

#1- No practice Friday. I tried to secure a new location for practice due to the BBQ Bash, but have been unsuccessful. So, I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible.

#2 MEET Entries for our first meet are due by this Thursday. So far I have 4 signed up. I have to turn meet entries in on Friday. I appologize for the quick turn around, I have put all the meets in there. As I do not have the meet files yet, you can only select if you will attend or not at this time. You can not select events. I can select events for you down the road, or you can go in and edit them once we get those meet files. It would be helpful to have an idea of who plans to attend as soon as possible so we know how many coaches we should sent to cover our team.

#3 We have a Dive Clinic scheduled for 10/11/2019. I hope to get an additional dive clinic scheduled as soon as possible. I realize this is after our first meet. I am so sorry for that. It could not be helped. I am limited to 20 swimmers. If you become dive certified at the first meet, you may not need to attend. I will work on getting dive practice later. I really want to get the majority of our team certified to dive and then we can work on improving dives later and perhaps use the Chesterfield pool's blocks. I am going to try to have enough coaches that we can hold a practice at our pool for those already dive certified in groups 2 &3, but stayed turned for that information. 

Sorry for all the updates. I knew yesterday I was going to be hitting you guys up a lot and I will try not to do this all the time. This could not be helped this time.