Weekly News (Palooza Week)

Hello all Panthers,

What a great weekend we had at Patana with some of our youngest swimmers. They had tons of PB swims and looked very technically sound with great under water dolphin which made their coaches very proud to say the least.

This was the first day of many race days this week. We have two Palooza after school this week and then Harrow and Rangsit University on the weekend…busy busy busy.

Last week our parent coffee was a complete success, today I will be emailing out both presentations for you to look at if you missed them last Wednesday.


Important Notes:


Team Swim Caps are in for those that did not get one:

Come by the pool and get one from Coach Day if you did not get one. You will need one for the upcoming meets.


Swim Shack will be open Tuesday and Wednesday this week with 100% of new merchandise on display and for sale!


October 3rd and 4th  parent teacher conference:

All practice times stay the same


October 5th No Saturday swim practice because of 2 team swim meets:


Swim Team Hosting for IASAS):

I know this is down the road a bit (end of January to be precise), but I wanted the team to start thinking about this. It is our goal this year to have 100% of the visiting swim teams hosted with swim families. I think it is a great way to get our young swimmer excited about becoming a varsity swimmer in the future. Having these young athletes hosted in your home is beneficial for all. For the swimmers, they get to stay with a family who knows what it is like to be a swimmer. What we need to eat and how hard they work day-to-day.

Near the end of this semester I will email out homestay sign-up sheets so that we can get first crack at all the homestays.

It would be so exciting for the families of our 320 swimmers to take this on!


Events to Sign Up For:


Nov 2/3: Patana Tiger Shark Long Distance Meet

Nov 9/10: Swimfest 2019 This is the largest meet in Thailand International Schools (over 1000 swimmers)

January 10-12: 4th Annual Thanyapura Swim Cap (Phuket)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,