Important October Swim News


This email is to make you aware of a few important items.

The swim meet schedule has been posted for the 2019-2020 season. You will find it under the blue tab "Meet Schedule" at the top of your Team Unify page. We ask that as registration opens for each meet, you take a moment to declare whether or not you will be attending. Watch for emails from Coach Nate to prompt you to register.

At meets, we request that swimmers wear either (or both) a BASS swim suit and/or BASS cap. This will help our coaches and parent volunteers to quickly identify our swimmers. Remember, we compete with BASS North as one team at these events, so their parents and coaches might not recognize our swimmers. If you need a swim cap, they are available for purchase for $13. Please email [email protected] with the number of caps you are requesting no later than October 10th (these caps will come in one order for the team). If you wish to purchase personalized BASS caps, swim suits or other BASS gear, please do so at

Our annual team bonfire will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at 4pm at 1857 Central Plains Road, Palmyra. A signup genius has been created so that you can bring items to share.

Lastly, but this is VERY important...we need volunteers. Our team works the concession stands at UVA football games in order to raise money. There are four games remaining this season and we need your help. If you or your teenager have not yet worked a game this season, please visit and let us know which game(s) you will be attending. The funds raised benefit both our winter and summer swim teams, and ALL families are expected to volunteer.

Thank you!