October Newsletter 2019

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Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – October 2019

Welcome to our first newsletter of the swim season! If you do not receive this newsletter via email, please contact me as the website is our main means of communication and we would like to ensure all families are receiving the information that is sent out.

Our club has its own website:, which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or at 403-948-7895.

Important Dates to Remember!

Please note – NCSS does not break outside of December. Due to the different weeks the different school divisions take for Spring break and other holidays, NCSS swims as long as the pool is open.

  • September 26th – My First Race – 25 Kick
  • October 29th – My First Race – 25 Free & Progress Slips
  • October 31st – HALLOWEEN  - NO WORKOUT
  • November 2nd – 2nd Bottle Drive
  • November 28th – My First Race – 25 Back
  • December 17h – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – 50 kick & Progress Reports
  • December 19h – Stage 3 & Fundamentals Fun Meet in Airdrie – 50 kick & Progress Reports
  • January 7th – 1st workout after Christmas Break
  • January 30st – My First Race – 50 Free
  • February 27th – My First Race – 50 Back
  • March 26th – My First Race – 25 Breast or 25 Breast kick & Progress Slips
  • April 30th – My First Race – 25 Fly or 25 dolphin kick
  • May 26th – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports Last workout for stage 1 & 2
  • May 28st – Stage 3 & Fundamentals Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports – last workout for Stage 3 & Fundamentals


If your swimmer has shoulder length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as this will interfere with their focus and skills.  Please also ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class.Your help with this is much appreciated!

All swimmers should have received their suit, cap and t-shirt. If your suit was the incorrect size, you can exchange the suit as long as the tags are still attached. T-shirts can also be exchanged.

Clarification of Start times in Thornhill

Please note that the city of Calgary has asked us to move back our start time by 5 minutes in order to have the pool cleared for city swim lessons to start on time.

  • Stage one – 4:25 – 4:55 pm
  • Stage two & three – 4:25 – 5:10 pm or 5:10 – 5:55 pm

Thank you for your understanding with regards to this change.


A swimmer from each group will be recognized by their coach as “Swimmer of the Month”. We will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort, attitude and achievements. Each Swimmer of the Month will receive a swim cap to recognize their efforts.



Zac McLeod - Stage 3

Hey yall! My name is Zac McLeod the stage 3 Airdrie coach, and I swam competitively for NCSA for 10 years. I started right in NCSS like my swimmers. Throughout my years of swimming it taught me discipline, determination, and straight up hard work. Along with the training, swimming brings a whole new world to a swimmer outside the home and their school. It’s a place where you interact with new friends (for me at least lifetime friends) and meet outstanding new role models like our coaches. This year I hope to teach my kids some of the knowledge I have learnt over my ten years of being in the pool. I hope to have a fun season so let’s get swimming!

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 2

Hello NCSS parents and swimmers! My name is Jordyn Gagnon, and I have been swimming with NCSA since I was about eight years old. Additionally, I have also been a stage one coach with NCSS for the past two years. To kick off the season, we started with flutter kick! When doing flutter kick, we put a strong focus on keeping our legs straight, and kicking super fast. The swimmers have been working very hard, and I look forward to working with them for the rest of the season! Keep up the awesome work swimmers!

Caleb Sharpe – Stage 1

Hello, my name is Caleb Sharpe.  I was a sub coach last year with Stages 1-3 and I am very excited to have my own Stage 1 squad this year.  I am a Grade 10 student and I have been a competitive swimmer with NCSA for six years.  I have had great experiences with swimming and NCSA.  I am looking forward to helping improve the Stage 1s’ swimming, encouraging them to enjoy the sport, and having lots of fun this season.

Rhett Rosgen – Stage 1

NCSA has been a huge part in my life for about 5 years now, swimming with my team has been a great experience. I have learned how to motivate myself as well as my teammates. I love being in an atmosphere where I am pushed to my limits while also creating friendly and wholesome environment. Swimming has always been something I love doing, and being around people all the time that feel the same way is amazing. 

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

 Hi there, my name’s Ana and I’m one of the stage 1 coaches in Airdrie this season. This year will be my third time coaching stage 1 and I couldn’t be more excited. A little background about myself, I swam as a competitive swimmer in NCSA for about 8 years. Swimming is such a big part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without it. Swimming has taught me many skills such as organization, punctuality and leadership, but the sport has also given me some of my closest friends and fondest memories. I am excited to see how the swimmers grow and learn over the course of this season and I already know we’re going to have lots of fun. 


Katelyn Stuart – Stage 3

Welcome to the 2019/2020 season! The first few practices of this season are off to a fantastic start!

My name is Katelyn Stuart and I will be the coach for stage three in Calgary this swim season. I have been swimming with NCSA since I was in stage one, and continued through stage two and three, then later up through the competitive levels. This year will be my fifth year as a coach with NCSS and I couldn't be more excited.

I saw some familiar faces in both my groups, it is a privilege to coach them and I hope this season is as amazing as last. There were also some new faces in stage three and I cannot wait to get to know these swimmers!

The first month in the water was spent doing a short review of Stage Two. Mainly brushing up on the basics such as streamline, ready position, along with lane etiquette and using the pace clock. We also worked on setting up a strong foundation for other skills that we will encounter in future months. 

In the upcoming month we will focus on kick and body position, for both backstroke and freestyle.   

I love being able to work with the Stage Three swimmers and help to inspire their love of swimming. Both of my groups have very enthusiastic and promising swimmers. I am looking forward to an amazing season, in the water and out!

Erica Meller – Stage 2

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer! I am Erica Meller the Stage 2 Coach for this season. This is my third year coaching with the NCSS program and I recognize many of my swimmers faces from previous years. I have been swimming with NCSA for 8 years. Swimming has played a huge role in my life and I hope to pass down my love for the sport to the younger generation. The sport has taught me many life lessons, the importance of time management, self-discipline and motivation. This season we are going to further develop the strokes, build on top of the basics that have been taught in previous seasons and continue to build endurance. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

Aimee Bereziuk – Stage 1

My name is Aimee Bereziuk and I coach stage 1. I have been swimming competitive for 6 years and am currently training in the performance group for NCSA. This month we’ve been working on the basics- body position, starting positions working up to stroke development. My goal is to have the young swimmers of NCSS and NCSA to love the sport as much as I do. I am very excited for this upcoming season and working with the swimmers. 

Cadence Carleton  – Stage 1

Hi, my name is Cadence and I’ve been a competitive swimmer with Nose Creek for several years, and am currently training with the NCSA Performance Squad. I’m looking forward to coaching Stage 1 this year and bonding with some of our younger athletes. This year we will focus on learning basic swimming skills and having fun in the water. I’m looking forward to a great season!  

Sophia Greco – Stage 1

My name is Sophia Greco. I am one of the stage one coaches. I have swam with NCSA from stage 1 and currently am swimming in the competitive program. I love this club and sport so much I even look forward to the 5am swims. In the first week, I have seen so much progress in the swimmers, everyone should be proud. I know I am! Looking forward to a great year!!

Michaela McFarlane – Stage 1

I'm Michaela Mcfarlane. I have been with NSCA for the past 7 years and this will be my first year not training competitively. As a second year swim coach, my goals are to first, make coming to practice fun. Secondly, encourage and promote positivity and respect on deck and thirdly, teach the fundamentals of swimming in different, engaging ways. After only a few practices I am already see so much potential in my swimmers. Looking forward to a great swim season!

Thank you to our Swimmer of the Month Sponsor Panago Pizza - Country Hills Calgary