BASS Newsletter

Good afternoon families!

There will be practice this Thursday for those who are not going to the Candy Corn Meet. so if you are not swimming on Thursday no worries, practice will run as normally scheduled.

Hurry! There is only one week left to sign up for the BASS Turkey Classic! The deadline for sign ups is October 27th This meet is great because it's a team hosted meet held in the very fast Richmond poolso it's not too far away like some of our other meets are and we always have a great turnout so there will be lots of teammates to have fun with on deck between races so if you can be sure to sign up! Even if it's only for one of the days! Last year we had close to 60 BASS swimmers in attendance so hopefully we have another great year!

Our annual team bonfire will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at 4pm at 1857 Central Plains Road, Palmyra. A signup genius has been created so that you can bring items to share.

If you have any questions, please respond to these emails as they will be directed to my inbox. Something we are trying to improve on is Coach to parent communication and with other obligations/work schedule email is the best way for you to reach me. So please don't hesitate to contact me, if I can't help you, I will direct you to a board member who can!

Lastly, but this is VERY important...we need volunteers. Our team works the concession stands at UVA football games in order to raise money. There are four games remaining this season and we need your help. If you or your teenager have not yet worked a game this season, please visit and let us know which game(s) you will be attending. The funds raised benefit both our winter and summer swim teams, and ALL families are expected to volunteer.



Coach Nate.