Weekly News (Nov 28- Dec 3)

Hello all Panthers,

I sure hope everyone is all rested and ready to get back to work. For those entered in the upcoming Swimfest 2019, you have 2 weeks to get your selves ready to rock and roll.

Entry deadline has passed and we will no longer accept any entries for this meet, so please check to make sure you are good to go if you are entered. Coaches are putting together relays and this all takes time and energy. If you have double booked this weekend then we need to know now.


Important Notes:


Spirit Night for Swimfest:

On Friday, November 8th right after school we will have a big spirit night party to get us all excited and prepared for the big meet on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is welcome!

This event will be planned and carried out by all the high school swim team. They will teach the younger swimmers about what to do to get ready for meets. Some really good tips given out at the time. Then we will do some fun relays and of course the grand finale: boys vs girls (could be dance off, could be a cheer…who knows?)

Be there right after school and it will finish by 3:30pm.


New Parent shirts coming out for Swimfest!

We have had a group of parents dedicate themselves to the cause of making our supporters look as good as our swimmers. With that in mind, they have designed and ordered new parent/supporter’s shirts that will be in the week before Swimfest. We will have them on sale at the spirit night on Friday, November 8th right after school.


Saturday training sessions during Nov 2nd and 9th cancelled due to swim meets.



Events to Sign Up For:


Coming this week:

Long Distance Time Trials: December 2nd

Snow Flake Tri- Meet (for 10 and under swimmers) December 4th

January 10-12: 4th Annual Thanyapura Swim Cap (Phuket)


That is all we need to know about this week, see you on deck!


Coach Day,