PVAC Recap Week 6

Great job to all of the swimmers at our first SAL meet of the season! There were several hiccups that caused a delay to the meet and also kept us from getting events out to swimmers and parents in a timely manner.  Thank you to the swimmers for adjusting and going with it and making the best of a tough situation (and swimming really well).  Next week will be a regular meet and we will get the bumps worked out going forward. Thank you to all of the volunteers, and a special thank you to the table workers who got the meet up and running as quickly as possible.

Invitational Registration Deadlines due this week

CB Holiday Classic

Meet Date: 12/8/19

Registration Deadline: 11/7/19

SAL Meets this week - Saturday - 11/9/2019

Boys – Home vs. North Penn

Arrival: 10:30

Warm Up: 11:00

Start Time: 11:30

Volunteer positions and Snack Bar Donation sign-ups are on the website

Girls – Away @ North Penn - 1340 Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, PA 19446

Arrival: 12:45

Warm Up: 1:00

Start Time: 1:30

PVAC Hockey Night – November 30th– Reading Royals

Order your tickets! This is a fun night of hockey and a fundraiser for PVAC!! Details are available online, tickets are $32.  We will sit together in the ice box party bowl which is ON THE GLASS. If more than 50 of us attend, we get a picture on the ice with the mascot!!

Coaches Corner
Saturday Recap:
Great meet for a lot of our swimmers as we start out the season 1-0! Let’s keep up the great work.
One thing we need to work on as a team is staying until the end of the meet in case you are in a relay. There were several relays missing one or two members of their team, which caused us to scratch a couple relays at the end. It’s not fair to your teammates that waited around for their last event and ultimately didn’t even get to swim in it.

USA Recap:

Pool water was cold but our swims were "HOT".  Had time drops across the board. Everyone is looking really good. I can tell the swimmers are working hard.

We still have lots to work on:

  • Not breathing every stroke.
  • Trying not to circle swim. Stay on the black line.
  • Get your stroke counts down in backstroke.

We had several swimmers today swim in the 200 free for the first time. Super proud of everyone trying new events. 

HHAA recap:
Great job to all of our swimmers who participated in the HHAA pentathlon. These swimmers had a chance to display their versatility as they competed in every stroke. Shout out to Rachael Minnerly, Evan Martin, and Aurora Schadler for each getting top 5 in their age groups after adding up the score of all five of their events.

Have a Great Week,

PVAC Board Members & Coaches


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