November Newsletter 2019

Thank you to our Swimmer of the Month Sponsor Panago Pizza - Country Hills Calgary


Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – November 2019      

Welcome to our second newsletter of the swim season! If you do not receive this newsletter via email, please contact me as the website is our main means of communication and we would like to ensure all families are receiving the information that is sent out.

Our club has its own website:, which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or at 403-948-7895.

Important Dates to Remember

Please note – NCSS does not break outside of December. Due to the different weeks the different school divisions take for Spring break and other holidays, NCSS swims as long as the pool is open.

  • November 2nd – 2nd Bottle Drive – details below
  • November 28th – My First Race – 25 Back
  • December 17h – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – 50 kick & Progress Reports
  • December 19h – Stage 3 & Fundamentals Fun Meet in Airdrie – 50 kick & Progress Reports
  • January 7th – 1st workout after Christmas Break
  • January 30st – My First Race – 50 Free
  • February 27th – My First Race – 50 Back
  • March 26th – My First Race – 25 Breast or 25 Breast kick & Progress Slips
  • April 30th – My First Race – 25 Fly or 25 dolphin kick
  • May 26th – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports Last workout for stage 1 & 2
  • May 28st – Stage 3 & Fundamentals Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports – last workout for Stage 3 & Fundamentals


If your swimmer has shoulder length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as this will interfere with their focus and skills.  Please also ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class.Your help with this is much appreciated!

All swimmers should have received their suit, cap and t-shirt. If your suit was the incorrect size, you can exchange the suit as long as the tags are still attached. T-shirts can also be exchanged.

Clarification of Start times in Thornhill

Please note that the city of Calgary has asked us to move back our start time by 5 minutes in order to have the pool cleared for city swim lessons to start on time.

  • Stage one – 4:25 – 4:55 pm
  • Stage two & three – 4:25 – 5:10 pm or 5:10 – 5:55 pm

Thank you for your understanding with regards to this change.


A swimmer from each group will be recognized by their coach as “Swimmer of the Month”. We will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort, attitude and achievements. Each Swimmer of the Month will receive a swim cap to recognize their efforts.



Robin Loyola – Fundamentals

The past few months we have mainly been focusing on body position and kick for all strokes. We started with freestyle, backstroke, breast and introduced fly. The improvement in this group since our first workout has been just fantastic. Linda, Zac and I are all very impressed with this group of swimmers that are working hard. Looking forward to seeing them race at the fun meet in December!

Our swimmer of the month could easily be a number of swimmers. We have more than a few that are definitely worthy of this honor however Nathan Zack was my pick this month for his leadership skills, coachability and listening skills. He is a great lane leader and has a great future in swimming! Well done Nathan!

Zac McLeod - Stage 3

This month my swimmers and I have been working very hard on our body position in the water. Body position is key and a great fundamental to start off with. Along with body positioning, we have been working on our kick, I believe to be a strong swimmer you need to have developed kicking legs and strong sense on how to move the water with your feet. Stage 3 Airdrie swimmer of the month is Isabella Woytkiw , Isabella has shown great improvement throughout our first 2 months and has been great to coach! 

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 2

October has been a very busy, but productive month. Similar to September, we have been focusing on our kicking. For free kick, we have been working on kicking fast with pointed toes and straight legs. Like free kick, we have also been working on kicking fast with straight legs and pointed toes for our back kick, with the addition of keeping our knees in the water, and bringing our hips up. We have made a significant amount of progress since the beginning of the season, and I am extremely proud of the hard work and effort that the swimmers have put in to achieve this. Keep up the fantastic work swimmers!

 Airdrie’s stage two swimmer of the month is Xavier Johanson ! Xavier is extremely hardworking, and always puts his best foot forward into everything he does. He is a fantastic listener, and always works towards improving his technique when swimming. Xavier is extremely kind and friendly to all of his teammates, and adds to a positive atmosphere to within group. He is truly a pleasure to coach. Congratulations Xavier!

Caleb Sharpe – Stage 1

In the month of October, we have been mainly focusing on freestyle. We have been working on head position, keeping your hips up, and kicking with straight legs. All the swimmers have done a very good job on this, as showed at the racing events. We will continue working on freestyle as well as adding backstroke, going into November.  Keep up the good work!

 Rhett Rosgen – Stage 1

The last month my swimmers have been working so hard on their body position in the following areas, streamline position on back and front, ready positions into a streamline, and simply modify their strokes. I love watching their progress and can’t wait for the December meet.

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

Hey there, what a successful first month this has been! The swimmers have been doing such a good job and have learnt a lot. This month they were introduced to both backstroke and freestyle. We focused on kicking strong and fast. We also looked at proper body position for both. The swimmers have been very successful and are working hard every practice. Keep it up!

Stage 1’s swimmer of the month is Avery Thompson ! Avery always shows up to practice with a positive attitude and is ready to try her best. She’s a great listener and is overall a lot of fun to teach. Good job Avery!


 Katelyn Stuart – Stage 3

October was a great month in the water and I am so impressed to see how quickly my swimmers have progressed. We have only been in the water for a short time frame and I am so impressed by my swimmers' dedication!

 This month there was a heavy focus on kick and body position which means that the swimmers had lots of opportunities to do some fun drills and use equipment. We frequently used fins, mirrors, rings and much more! While these may seem like very basic skills, the basics are critical to success in swimming and it is important to develop a solid foundation early on.

 We introduced dolphin kick and we will be implementing this in each practice to give the swimmers a solid start for all of their strokes. The goal is to have the stage threes make it a habit to do five streamline dolphin kicks underwater off each wall!

 Next month we will focus on arm action in freestyle and backstroke along with a continuation of dolphin kick.

Noah Sun is the swimmer of the month for stage three thanks to his positive attitude and coachability!

Noah consistently arrives early to practice with a big smile on his face. He is eager to get in the water and his enthusiasm is contagious, impacting the atmosphere of the whole group! He is also very dedicated to technique and the effort he puts into each and every drill does not go unnoticed. When given feedback, Noah is willing to adapt and challenge himself.

 Erica Meller – Stage 2

We have had a great month of swimming! This month has been all about getting back into the swing of things. We have worked on refining the skills from last month. We continue to work on building our endurance in freestyle as well as keeping a steady body position. The main focus of this month has been backstroke-specifically head position and kick. I have been getting my swimmers to swim with a ring on their faces. The goal is to keep the ring on their face and not let it drop. I have found a lot of improvement since the beginning of the month. The ring helps the swimmers focus on keeping their head still and steady. They have also worked a lot on kick with the focus on keeping their hips close to the surface. This allows them to have a much better, more stable body position while swimming backstroke. Next month we will continue to refine freestyle and backstroke as well as introduce new skills. Fantastic swimming this month! Keep up the great work!

The Stage 2 Calgary Swimmer of the Month is… Ella Grobowsky ! 

Ella shows up to each workout with a smile and always demonstrates a positive attitude. Ella gives her best effort and wants to improve. She is receptive to feedback and is ready for the next challenge. Congratulations Ella -keep it up!

Aimee Bereziuk – Stage 1

For the past couple months our group has been working on basic swimming techniques such as kick, streamlines & backstroke body position that we will continue working on to prepare for our upcoming fun meet in December. The swimmers have training very hard and advancing well. I’m very impressed with the way they’re all advancing. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and to watch the swimmer’s progress!

Cadence Carleton  – Stage 1

 For the past two months our group has been working on some of the swimming fundamentals including kick, freestyle and backstroke. Over the next few months we will progress into further stroke development to apply to our upcoming races in December! I’m really proud of how everyone is progressing and implementing their skills in practice. Finally, I have some very exciting news about this season’s first Swimmer of the Month. The Swimmer of the Month is a tradition in NCSS in order to give recognition to a swimmer who has stood out among the groups. For me, this swimmer is Chloe Bakken . Over the past two months she has proven not only that she is capable of being an amazing teammate to her peers, but also that she is applying her skills quite well and progressing quickly. Well done Chloe! I hope that everyone is enjoying their season so far and I can’t wait to watch you guys race!

Sophia Greco – Stage 1

We should be so incredibly proud of the swimmers this month. They have all worked very hard to achieve the goals we set for October. We have been working on our freestyle and backstroke kick and moving into actual backstroke and freestyle focusing on technique. The swimmers have been doing great! Next month we will continue to help them strengthen and refine the technique they have learned so far.

Michaela McFarlane – Stage 1

This month has been a great month of improvement for the swimmers. Our goal this month was head position. Using drills like one arm up, one arm down, and one arm freestyle with a board (mountain arms), has been greatly beneficial in keeping the swimmers breathing to the side. I am very proud of my swimmers this month, they have shown great patience when learning new skills and the results have been awesome. Looking forward to another great month.


Thank you to our Swimmer of the Month Sponsor Panago Pizza - Country Hills Calgary