Sombrero Dos - Fall 2019



19 Nov. 2019

The local HOT (Heart of Texas Swim Team) was named winner of the “Sombrero Dos” swim meet held at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio on November 9th through November 11th, 2019.   Sixteen swimmers from HOT competed against 392 athletes from 17 south Texas teams on a ‘level playing field’ which computed the number of PBT’s (Personal Best Times) divided by the total number of swims. Each Team that compete in this three-meet series have an equal chance of winning. Each swimmer must beat their own PBT record and do so without any technical disqualifications.   The HOT team had the highest ‘raw’ score of 75% and when adjusted for ‘first-time’ swims, scored 85% Best Times overall. The coveted “Traveling Sombrero” will reside with the local Team until the final Championship meet in April 2020.

The following results were reported to the USASwimming National data-base for this sanctioned meet:

(The coach reported the top eight places and the number of ‘Personal Best Times’ for each swimmer for the sake of brevity.)

Alyssa Ables (13) dropped time in seven of eight events with PBT’s.

Delaney Bedford (13) reduced her times in six of seven events.

Rory Bedford (11) swam PBT’s in six out of seven events.

Tyler Boyd (11) captured four out of four PBT’s. Gracie Bush (11) placed 6th in her 100 Fly and swam seven of seven PBT’S.

Luke Fuchs (10) placed 3rd in the 100 Free and 5th in his 50 and 100 Back; three out of four PBT’s.

Maia Fuchs (12) placed 1st in her 50 Fly, 100 IM and the 200 Breast; 2nd in the 100 Free, 3rd in the 400 IM, 5th in the 200 Free and 6th in the 100 Fly for seven of seven PBT’s.

Anna Kate Goodson (13) placed 4th in her 100 Back and 7th in the 100 IM; seven out of seven PBT’s.

Elijah Junker (14) swam four out of five events with PBT’s.

Leah Junker (12) placed 7th in her 50 Breast and 8th in the 50 Free for five out of five PBT’s.

Asa Keeler (6) placed 2nd in his 25 Back and Breast; 3rd in the 50 Free and 6th in the 25 Free gaining four out of four PBT’s.

Emelyn Keeler (7) placed 1st in the 50 Back and 100 IM; 2nd in the 100 Free, the 50 Free, 50 Breast, 25 Back, Breast and Fly.   She swam eight out of nine PBT’s.

Nickolas Phillips (11) swam 1 out of 2 PBT’s.

Sophie Sanchez (10) placed 1st in her 25 Fly, 3rd in the 100 Back, 4th in the 50 Back and 6th in the 50 Breast; four out of four PBT’s.

Alice Welder (11) placed 1st in the 200 Breast, 2nd in her 100 Breast, 3rd in the 200 Back and the 200 IM, 7th in the 100 Back and five out of eight PBT’s.

Lindsay Welder (8) placed 1st in the 25 Breast, 3rd in the 50 Back, 4th in the 25 Back and 7th in the 50 Free; swimming five out of six PBT’s.

“Our local team established a Team goal of winning the “Travelling Sombrero” at the start of this season.   Our coaches and team leaders have focused on perfecting techniques. We started the Series this year with a strong second place, but we have advanced to 85% at the second meet of the series.   The goal now is to work with ‘laser-tight’ focus to improve all details for all our swimmers before the Series Championship” Coach Al Carr concluded.