Grand Junction Recap

 Happy New Year Aspen Swim Families,

Last weekend our team competed in Grand Junction.  We will be giving out awards at practice this afternoon. This was a training meet for us, a chance to put what we have been working on (in practice) into our races.  This season our focus has been on a strong kick, turns, and the IM.  The IM races are important for age-group swimmers because it builds competency and efficiency in the water.  All swimming skills are in the IM.  We are excited about our progress; our IMs were outstanding! 

Our younger athletes were challenged to go off the block for the first time in a race, to swim on relays for the first time, and to do flip turns in their backstroke events.  Some were very nervous, but all of them conquered their anxieties.  The older athletes were asked to swim longer races for endurance and training purposes.  Everyone who was old enough to swim the 400IM did, and all of them swam it with a positive attitude and a steadfast, focused approach.  Collectively our legs are tired, but our kick and turns are consistently improving.  We are proud of our team and we are grateful to our parents for their support and commitment.   

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