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Souderton Sunday:

Great job to all that came out to the Souderton invitational on Saturday. I was given a large bag of awards at the conclusion of the meet. Make sure you check your folders at practice this week if you are expecting an award. Shout out to Aurora Schadler, Callen Klockson, and Evan Martin for placing top 10 in all five of their events. Also, congratulations to Dylan Dayrit for breaking one minute in the 100 freestyle for the first time

Coach Sean


We Congratulated 2 of our Senior girls this weekend:

Good Afternoon, we would like to take a moment to recognize our graduating senior swimmers.  Our first senior swimmer is Lizzy Glazman.  Lizzy has been a part of PVAC for over 11 years as a swimmer and also an instructor/coach.  She has been a great role model for our younger swimmers by teaching them the basics of swimming and how to be a supportive team mate.  I have had the privilege of coaching Lizzy for the past three years, she is a hard worker and has become an outstanding leader as the captain of our high school team.  Lizzy is looking forward to attending either the University of South Carolina or John Jay College, majoring in Criminal Justice and possibly continuing her swimming career.  Everyone join me in congratulating Lizzy Glazman!

Our next senior swimmer is Cassy Hoy.  Cassy has been with our club team since she was in eighth grade.  When I first met Cassy three years ago, she was a very quiet and timid sophomore.  Over the past three years I have seen her become a strong, confident swimmer and a great team mate.  After high school Cassy plans to attend college and further her education.  Congratulations Cassy!

I wanted to shout out Cassie McNabb for our last relay of the day on Saturday with loosing her googles on the dive into the pool but never let that slow her down.  She stayed right with her Opponent for the 50.  Way to go Cassie.

It was a super fun meet, we lost by 7. We had hard finishes and really good starts.  Your hard work is paying off.

Sunday at our USA meet we had some really good swims with a lot of time drops.  

Congratulations Abby Koehler for making JO's in the 500,

But a Big Thank you to the parents that came out of the stands and filled in for timing 

Mr. Koehler, Mr. Koons, Mr.DePalma  and  Mr. Mages.....from what I understand from the Meet Director we were not going to start the meet if you did not fill in.    Thank you!

Coach Debbi

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