Bean North Coffee Fundraiser Invitation for Sr Squads
Bean North Coffee Fundraiser Information & Invitation 

Deadline: Saturday, February 1st, 2020 - turn in order forms by end of practice on Saturday morning at 9:30 am

Contact: Alexa Mannen (SilverTip swimmer) and/or Liza Mannen (parent) - [email protected] or call cell 336-7227

This fundraising opportunity is being shared with all 3 Senior squads and their families for consideration (optional). Know that 20% of net profits go to the club; and individual swim family accounts will be credited their fundraising portion based on their own sales and used towards our Barcelona, Spain swim camp costs in March 2020.

For every pound of coffee sold, the club keeps $7. The beans are roasted locally at Bean North, to order, and then delivered by the swimmer/family who took the order. The fundraiser will run until 1st February. Completed orders and full payment must be handed in to Alexa Mannen on the pool deck on either the Jan. 31st or Feb. 1st, and deliveries made to your customers during the week of Feb. 10th, 2020
  1. Download the Whitehorse Glacier Bears Coffee List 2020 PDF, print it, and make copies as needed (each of your customers will need his/her own form).   COFFEE ORDER FORM
  2. Sell coffee! There are 11 varieties, including blends and single origin coffees. There are also 2 kinds of decaf coffee.
  3. Prices are on the form: coffee $17.99/lb and decaf $18.99/lb.
  4. You must take payment when the customer orders their coffee! Payment may be made with cash or cheque made out to Whitehorse Glacier Bears.
  5. Please ensure that the forms are completely filled in, including Grind, Customer Name, phone number, and total cost.
  6. Keep your forms, money, and blank forms in a labeled envelope with your name, swim group, and phone number on it.
  7. Keep fundraising until Sat. the 1st day February! At that time, please ensure that all of the completed order forms are collected together in your envelope, along with all of the order payments (combination of cash, cheques, or one cheque made out to Whitehorse Glacier Bears).
  8. Give the envelope to Alexa Mannen (SilverTip & Team Captain) at the pool (on deck) on either Friday, Jan. 31st at 4:45 pm or Saturday, Feb. 1st at 9:30 AM.
  9. Alexa will coordinate the orders with Bean North, and the coffee will be roasted on Wednesday 5 Feb!
  10. Pick up your coffee (and your completed order forms) from us at 57 Stope in Copperidge on 13 or 14 February. You can text or call 336-7227 to make sure we are home when you plan to come by.
  11. YOU are responsible for delivering coffee to your own customers in a timely fashion during the weekend of February 13-15.
Thanks very much! We hope this goes really well for the senior club swimmers.