It's Time to Sign Up for March Madness Jobs

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Signups Are Open for Jobs

at LAMVAC's March Madness Meet


It's time to sign up for service at March Madness, the club's annual short-course meet, set for Saturday and Sunday, March 21 and 22. Sign up now to get your favorite job, on your favorite day, at your favorite time. It's important that all the jobs are filled, so it's all hands on deck! (Along with Mayhem, the long-course meet later on in the season, this meet is the best way to fulfill your service commitment.)
Please log into your account on the website and click on "job signup" next to "LAMVAC March Madness C/B/A+ at Eagle Park Pool," or  click here to sign up.  

Pay Attention to Job Descriptions

Before you sign up, read each job description carefully so that you know what you are signing up for.  The website has descriptions of all the volunteer jobs. If you're new to a job, check out the responsibilities   here  (or on the website under "Members").

Make sure you can commit to the hours you have signed up for, as it is very difficult to find last-minute substitutes. 

Volunteers are expected to personally check in 10 to 15 minutes prior to their shift at the service sign-in counter, so they can start on time at their post. Check in for yourself only, not for your spouse. Don't forget to check out after your shift. 

Food and Frink Donations

For food and drink donations, each family may sign up for a maximum of three (3) different food, drink or donation items and a maximum of two (2) slots of the same item. This helps ensure that more families have a chance to make donations.  

For food donations on Saturday and Sunday: Please deliver the food within the first 30 minutes of the time listed on the signup! Service hours are awarded based on the "value" of the item, so sometimes the drop-off window shows longer for certain donations. Please err on the earlier side, as late deliveries can delay food prep for Coaches and Officials. Thanks for your help with this. 
For all food donations: Please deliver on the day listed on the signup! There is a method to all this madness, so please help the coordinators out! 
Please email Service Coordinator Christie Heit at [email protected], if you have questions about donation items. As most of you have seen, running a successful swim meet relies on lots of individual pieces coming together. If we don't have exactly what we've asked for, when we've asked for it, it can be a headache for the coordinators. A quick email should clear up any confusion.
Also, when you sign up, please remember to add a cell phone number where we can reach you the day of the meet. 
To check your service hours balance, log in to your account, and go to "My invoice/payment." Click on the "Service Hours" tab to find your account history and current balance.