February Newsletter 2020

Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – February 2020

Welcome to our fifth newsletter of the swim season! If you do not receive this newsletter via email, please contact me as the website is our main means of communication and we would like to ensure all families are receiving the information that is sent out.

Our club has its own website:, which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or at 403-948-7895.

Important Dates to Remember!

  • February 27 – My First Race tonight! 50 back – bring a towel on deck!
  • March 26th – My First Race – 25 Breast or 25 Breast kick & Progress Slips
  • April 30th – My First Race – 25 Fly or 25 dolphin kick
  • May 26th – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports Last workout for stage 1 & 2
  • May 28st – Stage 3 & Fundamentals Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports – last workout for Stage 3 & Fundamentals


If your swimmer has shoulder length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as this will interfere with their focus and skills.  Please also ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class. Your help with this is much appreciated!

All swimmers should have received their suit, cap and t-shirt. If your suit was the incorrect size, you can exchange the suit as long as the tags are still attached. T-shirts can also be exchanged.


A swimmer from each group will be recognized by their coach as “Swimmer of the Month”. We will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort, attitude and achievements. Each Swimmer of the Month will receive a swim cap and a free PANAGO pizza compliments of Country Hills Panago Pizza to recognize their efforts.



Robin Loyola – Fundamentals

Our group continues to improve in all strokes. We have moved from body position and kick to the catch phrase of each stroke. We have also increased our meters and added the proper turns and finishes into our workouts.

Our swimmer of the month is a very deserving Daniel King for his enthusiasm, work ethic and the great energy he brings to the group. Congratulations Daniel!

Zac McLeod - Stage 3

This month has been a tough month for my stage 3 sharks, learning a new skill takes practice and repetition. Turns cannot always been fun to practice but are important for any up and coming competitive swimmer.

Along with continuing the turns, we have also worked on our butterfly kick and body positioning, and our backstroke body positioning.

My swimmer of the month Breanna Guinn has been the best listener out of her group this month and has shown good progression in her turns.

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 2

February has been a busy month! Following along with the My First Race schedule, we have put a strong emphasis on backstroke throughout the month of February. We have been vigilant in working on our backstroke pull technique, remembering to keep our arms straight, to bring our thumbs out of the water first, followed by our pinkies entering the water first, as well as bringing our arms close to our ears when taking a stroke. Additionally, we began to build up our endurance in backstroke by practicing 50-meter lengths in backstroke. This can be a challenging concept to learn, as circle swimming on your back can be tricky, however the swimmers have done an awesome job on this skill! Keep up the fantastic work swimmers!

Stage 2 Airdrie's swimmer of the month is Layne Svendsen! Layne always comes to practice ready to learn and work hard, and always puts her best foot forward in all of the skills that we work on. Additionally, she is exceptionally diligent in dryland, and consistently does all of the exercises to the best of her ability. She is a kind-natured, friendly individual who is a lot of fun to coach. Congratulations Layne! Keep it up!

Caleb Sharpe – Stage 1

This month we have been focusing a lot on backstroke. Everyone has done a very good job of rolling their shoulders and keeping their hips up, and looking straight up. We are still working on keeping your head straight and touching your arm to your ear on every stroke. They are showing great improvement and are working very hard. Great Job!

Rhett Rosgen – Stage 1

This month we broke down the strokes and focused on our body position. The swimmers really improved throughout the month. I’m looking forward to their next race!

The swimmer of the month for stage 1 Airdrie is Aidan Zack in my group all year he has been motivated and the smiley one in the group! He’s always happy and ready to try something new, this month he really pushed himself and he did freestyle in the deep end!

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

This month has been loads of fun and the swimmers are continuing to improve day by day. This month we focused on stroke and reinforced body position. The swimmers even tried swimming with their hands in a peace sign and a fist, which they had lots of fun with. They continue to adjust to swimming a full 25 meters, and they have been working hard at it. Overall this month, each swimmer has continued to put forward their best effort and still come to swimming with a fun and positive attitude. Great job swimmers!!


Katelyn Stuart – Stage 3

The swimmers had the opportunity to swim 50s of freestyle during each practice in February. This repetition allowed the swimmers to reinforce their strong foundation in swimming longer distances and also provided an opportunity to practice their flip turns! 

February also saw a great deal of breaststroke. We began the month with "I Love Oreos" kick, complete with Oreo treats after practice! We then incorporated arm action, and as February wrapped up the group was beginning to develop a rhythm in breaststroke. Breaststroke can often be a challenge for swimmers; as such our group has often combined new skills with old ones. For example, a favorite drill this month was breaststroke arms with freestyle legs. This drill encouraged the development of arm action, but still provided a sense of familiarity when paired with a kick that had already been mastered! Overall, I have been so impressed by my swimmers' perseverance and improvements in learning breaststroke. We will continue to refine these skills in the upcoming months!

Swimmer of the Month: Alejandro Lopez 

I was blown away with Alejandro's breaststroke this month! He has fine-tuned his kick and arm action and is quickly developing a solid rhythm. He also is often the leader of our group, not only in terms of speed but in attitude as well! His willingness to accept constructive criticism and incorporate feedback when working on a challenging new skill is noted and appreciated. Keep up the great work Alejandro!

Erica Meller – Stage 2

Wow, February was such a short month. This month we have been continuing to develop skills from January (flip turns and push offs) as well as a brief introduction to some new skills. The focus of this month has been proper push off with a tight streamline and a minimum of 4 underwater dolphin kicks. Since learning this last month the swimmers have come a long way. We continue to build endurance by swimming more consecutive 50’s (2 consecutive length). Swimming fifty meters is a chance to put all the skills together. I look for a proper push off, proper body position and now flip turns. We have spent time working on backstroke so I found it only fitting to learn backstroke stroke count from the flags to the wall.  Even though this skill is relatively new the swimmers are catching on quickly. Great work this month, I have seen some fantastic swimming!

The Calgary Stage 2 Swimmer of the Month is… Maddie Bird!

Maddie has come a long way this month. She has not only improved her swimming but listening as well and has become a role model for her group. Maddie has come to each workout ready to swim. She gives her best effort each and every length and is always willing to better her strokes. I am very impressed that Maddie keep it up!

Aimee Bereziuk – Stage 1

This month we have been working on a number of different backstroke and freestyle drills consisting of 6 kick switch for freestyle and the thumb drill for backstroke (swimmers will know what this means). We’ve also been reviewing a lot of our basic swimming techniques. All of the kids have been working really hard although we did have a few problems with staying focused. I encourage everyone to put in the most effort possible and listen hard to instructions for these next couple months.

Cadence Carleton  – Stage 1

This month we continued to work on the basics, though we are starting to incorporate more body position and different drills into our practices. Over our last few months together, our group will be putting everything together for some of our new races in practice. Everyone is looking very confident and doing great in the longer course pool, which is amazing to see. Keep up the good work swimmers! 

Hi swimmers and parents! This month we continued to work on the basics, though we are starting to incorporate more body position and different drills into our practices. Over our last few months together, our group will be putting everything together for some of our new races in practice. Everyone is looking very confident and doing great in the longer course pool, which is amazing to see. Keep up the good work swimmers!  In other news, our swimmer of the month this month in Calgary is Olivia Utz! Olivia always puts in her best effort in practice and brings her best attitude every week. She is also a great teammate and swimmer, who always pays attention and applies feedback in her swimming constantly. Congrats Olivia! 

Sophia Greco – Stage 1

This month my swimmers have worked extremely hard on keeping their toes pointed and the hips up. We also worked on streamline push offs the wall and they did extremely well. Next month we’re working on keeping our head down and our arms looking like mountains and fully extended. The swimmers have been doing an excellent job and just keep up the good work

Michaela McFarlane – Stage 1

What a great month. The focus for the past 4 weeks was on head position for both freestyle and backstroke, along with underwater streamlines. The kids were very enthusiastic about getting to practice these streamlines, and excelled tremendously throughout this month of practice. To work on head position, we introduced a paddle, that rests on the swimmers head during backstroke, and various side glide progressions and use of equipment such as a board for freestyle. Very pleased with the effort put in this month and look forward to see what we can accomplish next.