The New Territory

 This is the New Territory that we are heading into as a team and as a Country... it's  uncharted and unplanned for.....School is closed and so are our practices and meets for now. More info will come but, as of now we are out of WI pool till we hear differently.....We will all come out of this OK.....but learning that the only constant in life is change and it's how we adapt to it that makes us the Champions that we are !!!!!  We will be back, and stronger then when we started this season...The Coaches are all PROUD of you for all the hard work and preparation you have done so far this season... Meets hopefully will be rescheduled for the future and practice will resume too... Hang in there stay healthy and strong...Do your push ups and sit ups to prepare for our come back.... Big shout out to all the Junior Olympians that couldn't swim this weekend due to shut downs of pools..... Kate O'Brien,  Mia Stroub,  Elizabeth Hamm,  Haliey Bendersky,  Cameron Pupke,  Olivia Kern, Lilly Meliere,  Lilly Jordan,  Billy DeWitt,  Owen Znachowski,  Colin Stueber,  Elijah Wilson and  Casey Fonseca....  Also Big Shout out to our Eastern Zone Qualifiers: Colin Stueber and Elizabeth Hamm !!!!  Way to Go team!!!! Go WISC you rock!!!! USA swimming has closed all meets for 30 days for hang in there baby!!!!