Letter from WHAT Coaching Staff


On behalf of the WHAT Coaching staff, we hope your family is safe and healthy.  Life in America is changing quickly and drastically in response to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  This event is unprecedented and throughout the nation the swimming community is navigating this new “normal” together.

At this point of the season WHAT Swimming is “off”.  Due to the circumstances, we currently have no definitive timeline for our return to the pool, we are estimating at the very least a 2-3 week time frame.

During this county-wide social distancing period, the WHAT Swimming coaching staff will develop training plans and meet schedules.  WHAT families will receive continuous communication through our social media outlets (e-mails; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram, etc..)

Certainly this pandemic came at a very tough time for our young athletes, most of whom have worked so hard to be in peak physical, mental and emotional condition for this month of Championship events. Feeling angry, shocked, sad, frustrated or any similar emotion is going to be a natural response for all of us. It is definitely not “fair”, nor is it the way any of us wanted this thing to go, but it is what we have now.  We must strive to educate our athletes to understand that no matter what, life goes on and we all need to learn the skills to adapt and overcome any situation.

The WHAT Coaches would like to thank each one of our athletes and parents for trusting our staff and giving us the best version of themselves during this period of uncertainty. Once again, we would like to remind our parents to support their child’s achievements over the course of the entire season without regard for what could’ve been at the championship competitions.

The coaches are proud to be part of WHAT Swimming, we are honored the athletes have allowed our staff to be a part of THEIR #WHATWorkWorksNation and we’re thankful to think of all of you as FAMILY. 

Stay tuned for more updates as to what our club plan will be in the coming weeks and stay safe.