Team Update In Respect To Corona Virus

Good morning Desert Thunder families,

Pardon the delay in our addressing the Corona Virus's affect on our team, but it was best to wait until the agencies and municipalities having the greatest affect on our team's operation made their own conclusive decisions before responding on how it would affect the team. Otherwise, we would have just been regurgitating common rhetoric that has filled our inboxes and social media feeds of late.

With state leadership making the conclusive decision to close schools until March 27th, city governments choosing to cancel public functions unitl April 30th, and the CDC recommending no gatherings of 50+ people for the next eight weeks we now have parameters with which we can start planning how to move through and beyond the virus pandemic.

First, our banquet is going to be postponed. Please understand, we are simply hitting 'pause' until we are clear to have gatherings of 50+ people. If you want to know the date, my answer will be we need to cross that bridge once the CDC and local and state governance gives the public the green light for large gatherings again. Second, our April 25-26 meet is highly unlikely to happen. I may follow through on applying for a sanction of the format, but primarily for implementation at a later date.

The next question is the resumption of training. Meetings are occurring today within the municipalities we rent pool space from. I have been in contact with those groups and they are motivated by the dual purpose of protecting the public and acknowledging the opportunity for some regular activity will be good for the state of mind of children and families. Please gift them, and us, your patience, grace, and understanding while these decisions are made.

I have made a direct proposal to the school district of how practices could be formatted to protect from contagion, yet allow some regular activity to occur. We should have an update today or tomorrow on what can, or cannot, occur regarding resumption of training. 

Yesterday's news and events are done and in the past. Leave yesterday's burdens, concerns, and worries exactly where they belong... behind us. We do not know what will come later today or tomorrow and lending any energy to 'worry' will rob us the opportunity to take in the most valuable moment we ever have the privilege to enjoy... the present. If you find your mind racing about the changes over the last 72 hours and trying to anticipate what's going to happen in the next 72 hours, then stop, take several deep breaths, look at your kids, and give them the gift of your best present self. 


Coach Bryan on behalf of your Desert Thunder Coaching Staff