COVID-19 Update



Dear WWRX Family,

We hope everyone is well and safe as we go through this unprecedented time.  It ended up being an anticlimactic and disappointing end to the season as several of our swimmers could not finish their seasons due to the cancellation of State Championships, Age Groups, and Zones.  These swimmers worked hard to qualify for these big meets.  We are sad they won't get the chance to finish the season completely.  All of our swimmers will miss out on our season-ending banquet this week.  It's disappointing not to be able to wrap up our season as we usually do and honor our swimmers for their hard work in the pool.  We are working on an alternative as we do not know when it will be safe to hold the banquet as we usually do.
In the midst of this, we are continuing to make plans in the hopes that we can get back in the pool on April 20/21.  Of course, we know that there are many reasons this may not happen, but we want to make plans in the hopes that we will be able to complete our summer season as we had planned.
With that being said, registration is open for Stroke Clinic and for the season.  USA Swimmers will need to be registered by Friday in order for us to begin signing up for meets.  Could those meets be canceled?  Yes, but if they are, swimmers will be reimbursed.  We want to be prepared for the season to operate normally and then adjust accordingly if it does not.  Remember to also let Neil know if you plan to be a part of the USA group by tomorrow, March 17.
We are also coming up with contingencies on the financial side if we are unable to start the season as promised.  We will be pro-rating registration fees if we can not get into the pool as scheduled.  
Please know that we have been communicating and keeping up with our league (CT Swim) and our national governing body during this time (USA Swimming).  Locally, we have been communicating with the BOE and the Athletic Director to make the best decisions.  As you know, this is a very fluid situation that is changing daily, sometimes hourly.  
The only good thing in the midst of this is that swimmers all over the country are feeling the same sting.  No one is able to practice regularly or go to meets.  We are not alone in this.
While we are out of the pool, encourage your swimmers to do some dry land practices.  Go for runs, do push-ups, practice yoga, find some online workout videos, etc.  We'll be posting some ideas on our Facebook page in the hopes of keeping our swimmers engaged while they're out of the water.
In the meantime, stay healthy, and just keep swimming.
The WWRX Board and Coaches