NCSS - Covid -19 Update - Message from our President

Hello NCSS Families,

On Saturday 14 March, Head Coach Dave informed you of our decision to suspend all workouts as a club until (at least) 30th March.  As you are all aware, since that announcement, the situation has changed again and continues to be dynamic.  The pools and recreation facilities that NCSA uses have since taken decisions to either cancel programs or close indefinitely.   This aligns closely with the decision we as a club made on the weekend.

The postponement of the season raises a number of questions around fees and many other topics.  The Executive, along with the rest of the Board, are discussing these issues, monitoring the situation and are constantly re-evaluating our options and next steps as new information arises.  We will strive to make decisions that are as fair as possible for all involved and will ensure ongoing communication with the membership.  We do request your patience as we work through this unprecedented issue which may delay some of the answers to all of our questions.

We will provide an update later this week with any new information or details that are available.  



Rhian Haynes

NCSA President