Loggerhead Update for March


As we near the end of our scheduled break, a lot has happened in the world.  We hope that no one you know has been affected by the virus or the side effects of the social distancing.  As a community we can all do our part and weather the storm and come out strong.  Swimming is going to be on hold, but we can still work to be our best everyday until we are back to business as usual.  At the end of this email, there are links to some things you can do to help stay active during this time out of the pool.

As of now, our facilities are closed.  While the plan is to reassess that situation on Tuesday night, all indications are that this closure will last longer.  As it is a day-to-day, week-to-week, situation on our hands we can’t give an accurate picture of when we will be back together practicing again at this point, but we will keep the team updated.

USA Swimming has put a halt to all competitions until April 30th and will reassess the situation at that point.  That means all competitions we would normally have attended (local meets, All-Stars, etc) have been canceled.

We have two team social events that have been affected.  The volunteer event Dog Days Afternoon has been canceled.  The Team Banquet will be postponed.  Once we get a clearer picture of our timeline we will try and reschedule our venue.

Colleges have put a halt to all in person recruiting and most colleges have sent their students and athletes home.  You can continue your recruiting work during this down time and work on writing some great emails!

For now, our coaching staff is going to be hard at work with professional development and upping swimming IQ to be even stronger after the break.  We encourage our swimmers to do the same with all their school course work.
With this interruption in our daily routine, it is easy to fall out of sync; start staying up late, sleeping in, playing video games, couch potato-ing life.  Schools are scrambling to figure this new schedule and your academics.  Don’t be a sheep, be a shepherd.  Get ahead of what the schools are asking you to do.  Read ahead in your course work, take advantage of the free coursework from College Board for your AP classes.  Be ahead of the curve.

Take care of yourself.  Start by maintaining hydration and work on your nutrition.  Think about what you’re eating and if it is good for your body.  Eat healthy and think about your calorie count if you’re not burning as many calories through the day as normal.
Exercise!  Get into a routine.  It would be nice to see everyone trying to get a morning workout and an evening workout in each day.  There are plenty of great free resources on the internet for free exercises.
Age Groupers -
This site has a filter menu for age/sport and pretty much has zero equipment needed.  A great source for our younger team members.
If you have a backyard pool, hop in when you can.  Do some vertical kick, sculling, tethered swimming.
Older Swimmers -
Take the time to sit down and go over your season goals.  What were your plans?  What do you have to do now to keep those plans and goals a reality?  The stopwatch isn’t going to care about how unfair or unfortunate our end to short course season was.  It’s what we do now that counts.  Get your mind right; we want to come back the best athlete you can possibly be.  Coming back an athlete you’ll bounce back fast.  Coming back out of shape could cost you your next season as well.
Coach Grif, Coach Mere, and Coach John are working on getting some workouts your way starting next week.  Most of you already got the message of picking up tethered bands for stationary swimming if you have a backyard pool.  For the majority of your cardio work you’re going to need to hold to; running, biking, rowing, boxing, jump rope, etc.  Stationary swimming is great to keep the form, but it will be hard to keep in cardio shape there.  Being active is the best thing you can do but be smart about following the guidelines set forth on the social distancing.  More will be sent out via GroupMe for workouts.

In the meantime, here are some free links:
Yoga for Swimmers -
Increase Ankle Flexibility for Swimmers -

Lastly, take the time to do some reflection.  I think almost everyone felt the hurt of having swimming taken away from them.  That hurt can also be a good indication that you really care about the sport and your performance.  Think on that.  Take the time to do a little history project on swimming.  There are great sources on the internet to learn about the sport you spend so much time perfecting.
Ask yourself if you know who Matt Biondi is?  Mary T Meagher, Tracy Caulkins, Tom Dolan?  These are great places to start.
If you’re really looking for a positive pro swimmer to follow, Cody Miller has a great vlog in it’s 4th year on YouTube that is well work binging for all of you.  You can get a glimpse of everything he does to perform daily from sleep, recovery, workouts, to movie reviews!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t be reckless when exercising.  Follow CDC guidelines and local ordinances.  Those rules come first.  Everything you will receive from us can be done in your backyard/home gym, or secluded (running/biking).  Stay away from community gyms and the likes.  You might need to get creative on how to create some weights for workouts but you’re all smart 😊.  If you need a medball, you can cut open any type of inflatable ball (basketball, soccer, etc) and fill it with sand or dirt and duct tape it back together (done that before!).  If it is a big one it can actually be too heavy so don’t get carried away!

We will be in touch Loggerhead!

-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff

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