Letter from WHAT Coaching Staff

Hello WHAT Family;

  On behalf of the entire WHAT Coaching staff, we hope your family is healthy and safe.

  Last Sunday I sent the team an email and since that time, there have been many new developments.  At the police department we have been very busy trying to keep up with new information.  At times, it seems new criteria or information is coming out every hour, but I can tell you from the numerous local and statewide conference calls I have been a part of, many people are working very hard to keep your family safe.  Stay positive, listen to guidance from local officials and most importantly spend time with your family!!!

  On the swimming side of life, the WHAT coaching staff misses being on the pool deck and teaching your child(ren).  This is our normal “down time” when the swimmers are resting their bodies, as well as, their minds.  Originally we planned on getting the Senior swimmers back in the water the first week of April, and the Age Group program in mid-April, but with the developments over the past few days I am not sure what the immediate future holds.  Currently, the WHAT coaching staff is solidifying a long course schedule and will post it on the team website towards the end of the week.  The schedule will be modified as we all navigate this pandemic and all information will be emailed and updated on WHAT Swimming’s various social media sites.      

  The WHAT coaching staff is in contact with USA Swimming regarding “virtual training.”  Katie spoke with Brendan Hansen on Friday and we hope to have some guidance from USA Swimming and the insurance company by mid-week regarding what we can and cannot do as a club.  In the meantime, stay active!!!    

  Stay tuned for more updates as to what our club plan will be in the coming weeks and stay safe.